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Music Spirit
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“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”
Aaron is a very polite and well mannered young man. Growing up the way he did, in a rather racist environment, had caused the boy to stand up for the oppressed and not standby and watch it. Though if he even notices someone being bullied or oppressed he will do something stop it whether it be verbally or physically. Although to contrary to what others believe Aaron has a bad temper when angered and will do something bad, and probably blackout not remember what happened; Usually his violent outbursts are only due to someone he cares about being hurt. Since he did die at one point he has a terrible fear of dying again, and leaving behind the people he cares for once again. Upon people meeting the young man he can be described as very nice, and forgiving, but only if you met him on good terms. If you meet the young man on bad terms it’s likely you’ll be scared of him even if the person meets him again. Aaron would act as if nothing ever happened, but the person would know that isn’t true, and would probably attempt to steer clear of the music spirit.

Minhyuk was a young man that yearned for adventure everyday of his life, and therefore he’d gotten it, as he traveled anywhere he wanted to go. It was the time of the Great Depression, but that didn’t damper Minhyuk's sense of adventure. If anything it made his need grow, so he started roaming all over the states. By the year of 1931 he’d already been to California and back to New Orleans by this time. So, he’d seen most of the states already, but he hungered for more. S, he decided to head up towards Canada, but on his way up to Canada he had gotten lost.

During the time he’d been lost he met a young woman in the forests that seemed to sprawled across wherever the hell he was at. The woman was very nice & quiet gentle therefore she’d decided upon helping him find his way out. Her name was Carol The journey would take a few days, but that didn’t bother him since he was already having an adventure. On the second night things started to get intimate and they had ended up having intercourse, which would later complicate his life.

A day and half later and they’d finally found the forest exit which just lead to a small town. He decided to head towards the city, but when he entered the girl was gone and nowhere to be seen. Maybe she went back? He didn’t really care consider he had next to no emotions for her. He continued on with his journey, but he never quite reached Canada and had instead decided to head back to his home, which was just outside of New Orleans. It was 4 months later when he finally reached home, and a surprise was sitting on his porch. It was a screaming, a note attached to the little golden basket he’d been placed in. The note simply that this child was his and that Carol was infact the goddess Cybele. He thought it was bull, but than again if she’d tracked him down this quick then that meant she couldn’t possibly be human. He decided not to question it, even if he didn’t want the child. He kept the child for a year, before deciding on sending him to live with his sister, because he really just wanted to get back to his life of wandering.

Early Childhood:

Aaron, around the age of 1, had been sent to live with his father's sister in New Orleans during the year of 1933. His sister couldn’t have children so she was quite happy when her brother had decided to give him the child. Their names being Roy & Misuk Florence and even though the great depression had been going on around this time, they had still decided to take the young boy in regardless of the protests of the people around them. His father never returned for him once, and therefore by the time he was 3 they had decided to adopt the boy. They would be his parents, and no one else. The boy would never know that his father never came back for him or that he’d been adopted. After all he did look like Misuk.

Around the age of 4, 1936, he had gone to a family gathering that had his ‘father's’ family coming together. Upon seeing the Asian boy and his mother Roy’s family was horrified that he’d marry a slit eyed gook. Apparently Roy had never mentioned that he’d gotten married to anyone, and let alone a non-white woman. They didn’t even care that Misuk heard the words they spoke, as they had hoped she’d want to run out on him, but that wasn’t the type of woman she was. She put up with the rest of the words they spoke of her, as the reunion went on. After the event things started to change for the two. Roy started to become more distant and started hanging around the house less and going to work earlier and for longer hours. This had started putting up warning bells that he’d been cheating, though he hadn’t been. He just needed to be away from the social stress that had gone on, because he’d married an Asian woman. This hurt the boy's mother, but because he was young he didn’t know why his father wasn’t ever home. He wasn’t the type either to ask, but rather to respect the decisions that had gone on around him.

2 years later, 1938, and Aaron had started taking violin & dance lessons from a nice white woman, Miss. Smith, who wasn’t racist and didn't speak to the boy as if she were lower than her. The woman was in fact a music Nymph. She had sensed something within the boy, she hadn’t known what it was. Immense talent or was he demigod? She wouldn’t be sure for a few more years. The one thing he got away from during the constant arguments was when he played his violin getting himself engrossed in the beautiful music that seemed to stream from the hollow instrument. The boy became practically smitten with the instrument playing whenever he could. He became a prodigy by the time he was 8, already playing one of Beethoven's pieces flawlessly. Though he didn't really have a taste for that type of music, and even voiced this opinion to his teacher, who went behind his mother's wishes and started teaching him to play Jazz.

he started with learning an easier pieces like Sweet Georgia Brown, and than moving on to pieces like What Is This Thing Called Love and Bye Bye Blackbird. The sound was completely different from what he was used to playing and he immediately fell in love with the sound. Though not being allowed to play these pieces at him had caused the young boy to go and play with the colored folk when he had the time. The were completely amazed that an 8 year old boy was even able to play on par with someone who’d been practicing for years. As he continued with what he was doing, he had picked up a few dance moves from the people. He wasn’t the best at dancing, but he was at least able to dance well enough to pull off those moves. This went on for a few months until he was caught sneaking out by his mother, and was eventually told to never go down there again less he wanted his ‘father’ to find out.

Nearing the end of 1941, at 9 years old, something gruesome had happened at a place known as Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Something about the Japanese attacking and killing a few thousand people who’d been stationed there. One of the people killed was his father's younger brother who’d been stationed there for only a few weeks. This had caused a great uproar throughout the whole nation, as able bodied men were called to arms, though they didn’t necessarily have to join. His ‘father’ was among the many men who’d decided to answer the call and join up arms against the axis forces. Much to Misuk’s disapproval he still went. Explaining to his son when war was going on the only honorable thing to do was to fight for your country otherwise you’d be viewed as a coward. Those words alone impacted his choices in the years to come.

They didn’t hear a word from his father until 5 months after he'd left, 1942, telling them he’d been stationed in Sicily. His ‘mother’ was extremely relieved upon finally getting a word from her husband. Relieving a little bit of the stress that had ensued after Roy had left. Roy’s family had been trying to seize the house & property while he was away attempting to throw,what they called, the yellow skinned people out of a white man's house. The boy knew exactly what was going on at this point. The words his supposed family had been saying about him and his mother had finally impacted him. Making him dip more into his study of music and history. He started learning new pieces that his teacher provided him with, and it wasn’t the classical music he was supposed to learning, but rather Jazz and Blues. She had even given him a hand made violin that she’d gotten from some important person. She had told him to never tough the tuning peg les he was in trouble, but that had confused him, because what if he needed to tune it? She only responded that the instrument would always be perfectly tuned and not to worry about it. After that point he stopped asking questions and never once touched the tuning peg until he was 13.

A year later in August of 1943 his mother had received a letter that Roy had died during the battle that had happened just weeks before in Sicily. The realization that his ‘father’ was died made him cry, but it was nothing new, because a lot of people were losing fathers, brothers, and husbands. He wanted to get rid of the scum who’d killed his father, though he was far too young to even think about enlisting, only being merely 11 years old. So he continued on with his life, and went about things rather robotically only really feeling alive with his violin in hand.

Monster Attack:

A year and a half later, 1945, he had decided on visiting his friend he hadn’t seen in nearly 2 years only to receive the news that he’d gone off and joined the war effort and that he’d also passed away. This caused a crushing feeling to fill his chest, and he fell to his knees sobbing getting up a few minutes later walking off lazily. As he walked he hadn’t noticed that a dog had started following him or that the dog had 2 heads.

He continued on until he came to the alleyway that led to his house. He stopped for a moment, shifting the weight of the instrument just as he heard the snarling of a dog. He slowly turned around and froze up upon seeing the 2 headed creature. He stood there frozen for what seemed like hours, but had only been 15 seconds, before the creature started running towards him. Causing the frozen boy to run and run until he came to the fence that separated the property from the prying eyes of their neighbors. At that moment he remembered what his music teacher had told him, and he started messing with his music case, shaky handed just as the creature turned the corner running at full speed towards him. He managed to get the violin out of its case just before the creature jumped at him, and he slammed the violin hard against its face. He was surprised that the precious wood hadn’t been broken, but he only managed for a moment before reaching his hand for the tuning pin, as he turned it quickly, and was surprised when it turned into a gleaming bronze shield. He slammed the shield into the creature just as he noticed the taut figure of Miss. Smith, who was running towards the both of them. The boy being distracted was just enough for the creature to leap on him, and knock him hard against the gravel causing the boy's vision to go black.

He woke up, hours later, to his ‘mother’ hovering over him tears streaming down her face as she hugged the boy. He was completely confused about what had happened. When he turned away from his mother he noticed Miss. Smith standing besides the door. She explained that he had fallen off the fence when he had snuck out, and then she went on to explain that she had been walking past when she had noticed he had fallen. This answer had satisfied his mother, but had done the opposite for him. It caused the boy to ask more questions, after his mother had left. The music teacher only handed him a hand carved bow that seemed to go match that of the violin. He was told not to pull on the hair, but this time he refused to listen. He plucked at the horse hair and the bow elongated into that of a bronze sword, and that freaked him out even more than he already was, but he managed to keep himself sane for a moment, as for him to speak once more. He went on to ask how normal things could turn into weapons, but his music teacher didn’t seem too phased by this, and only responded that he’d understand with time, and then she just left. This event would itch at the back of his memory for the next few years.

In between Stuff:

2 years later, 1947, the boy had two more encounters with monsters, a harpie (14) & hellhound (15), but he had started training secretly on his own time. Well before bed anyways. He’d destroyed multiple pieces of furniture and he’d gotten some pretty nasty words from his mother about destroying things he didn’t pay for. Therefore he stopped training inside the house and went instead to training outside when his mother wasn’t home and the help wasn’t prying into what he was doing. He continued to do this until the swing of the sword felt as if it were an extension of his own arm, and the shield no longer seemed too heavy.

Three years and 3 monster attacks later, it was 1950; Aaron had just turned 18, and he was becoming an aspiring violinist, and was already quite popular with the upper class white woman, as they seemed to find him both attractive and quite talented, though he was forbidden to even look at one that way. Therefore every advance one would make he’d immediately go cold and rigid. His mother had told him to not be that way, but to continue to remain polite in those type of situations. At this point he was rather annoyed that his mother would even want to associate with racist white folk rather than the humble people that littered the city. He would rather hang around them, rather than the stuck up white woman.

He’d even found someone he had fallen in love with, her name being Dorothy-Margaret Anders. She was a British immigrant, and she was also his friend's younger sister and he cared for her so much. The two had grown quite close, much to his mother's dismay, but she wasn’t the type to tell someone who they were allowed to love. A few months down the line and the two were married, and just as everything was going so well something would eventually shake both their worlds. In June of the same year the Korean war broke out, and only a few days later President Truman war declared against North Korea. Many people were answering the call to join the army, and of course he was one of them. Before leaving he’d found out that she was pregnant, and of course he was ecstatic to be having his first child, but he needed to defend the nation they lived in, so he left. Of course she understood his determination.

2 months down the line and he’d been stationed just outside of Pusan, and he’d been told not to worry, as the North Korean forces rarely came through, therefore they wouldn’t be seeing much fighting. Oh, how wrong they were. As the days turned into weeks a battle started raging early in the morning of August 4th 1950. This battle would later become known as the battle of the Pusan perimeter, which went on for 6 weeks. He watched his friends fall along with the North Korean troops falling too. The only difference was that most of the troops the enemy used were only children not even 15 yet. This caused the boy heartache for the families they been ripped from just to gain land, and the thought pissed him off, but he continued fighting the incoming troops, until they’d finally won the battle. The fighting finally ended on September 18th, 1950. So many people had passed on during the fighting that it kind of made him sad and a little afraid, but that didn’t stop him from moving on to where they were headed next and that was straight on into the city of Masan. They went in and treated the wounded civilians and took prisoner the troops that had decided upon hiding in the city.

2 years went by, and the boy was still fighting, even though he was tired of the senseless fighting. At this point they were moving on into city of P’ohang. Upon reaching the city Aaron, now 20 years old, started to feel oddly sick as they searched the houses for runaways, yet again. As he entered upon one of the houses he felt an odd presences and continued his search of the house only to find an old man with his wife. The young man panicked upon seeing him, because the boy was obviously Korean, but of which side he didn’t know, but the troops he was with made him known as american.

A few weeks went by and it was now late August and things were going smoothly so much so that they were told they were going to be moving on soon, but their plans were dampened when incoming North Korean troops appeared out of nowhere. Causing a fight to erupt within the city the old man had been watching Aaron for a long time now, and seeing that he was literally crazy he formulated a plan to kill him. Aaron ran into one of the house that had been ruined quite yet, and it had been the same one the old man resided in. Upon entrance the old man ran at him with a knife, as he didn’t know who’d just entered his home. Since adrenaline was still pumping through his veins, Aaron shot his gun at the poor old man, eyes widened in shock at what had just happened.

As soon as the words left his mouth he dropped his gun and ran to the old man; Catching him before he hit the ground. He told him not to speak, as he cried. He didn’t know the man very well, but it had been the first time he’d taken a life of someone who was helpless. As he was distracted it gave enough time for an enemy troop to find him, and shoot him. The wound has fatal and should of killed him, if divine intervention hadn’t taken place. Seeing her child lie there dying hadn’t caused her to pity the boy enough to bring him back, but his music talent had been noticed by Apollo. Apollo watched the boy for a few moments before finally taking pity on him and turning him into a music spirit. Though Apollo wasn’t as cruel as the other gods, and he really didn’t want Aaron going through another war or dying again; therefore he moved him someplace safe and made him sleep for 55 years. The 55 years had caused great change in the world, some that would both astonish and creep the young man out.

Upon waking up, the year was 2007, he had a headache, and yes it was a rather bad headache as he tried to remember what was going on, and then he looked down in his lap and than the surrounding area. It was completely different than what he remembered, and for one thing he had been in Korea right? Than why did the sign read: NOW ENTERING NEW ORLEANS. He was completely and utterly confused, but he decided to stand up and walk back into the city, but before doing so some teenage guy stopped him. Telling him that he should head the other way and not go into the city les he wanted tons of anguish. That sentence alone made Aaron stop walking. and turn to face him, the teenager didn't quite seem like a teenager, but rather an old guy, but still a teenager. How was that even possible? The young man told him that he’d died and that he a very powerful and good looking god had decided to give him another chance at life by turning him into a music spirit, He thought this guy, named Apollo, was utterly crazy, but then the young god told him it was now 2007, and that 55 years had passed. Aaron was pissed at this point and turned away, as

Upon entering the city he looked at his clothes, as they were completely different; instead of the uniform he’d been wearing, he had on a clean and crisp black suit. Now today was a really weird day, because he’s literally remembered being in Korea just that morning, but maybe it had all been a bad dream?

As he headed further on into the city he noticed that a lot of things had changed, and not to mention people were talking into little plastic boxes, which scared him. He stopped right in front of a new stand and read the date, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. It had just been 1952, and now it was 2007? How did that even make any sense? It didn’t, and he needed answers. He started walking the usual way, but stopped when he noticed that the alley had now been blocked off by a bakery. Things were getting pretty weird at this point. He stood there for a few minutes before stopping a child that looked about 8 years old. Who seemed quite polite, and therefore he went on to ask for directions to the Florence mansion, and the young lady only went on to say that she knew where that was, and took the young man there.

Upon seeing his childhood home still intact made him feel elated, but he wasn’t going to just tell someone that this is where he lives, because the year was completely off, and he already felt crazy. Anyone could now live inside that house. He followed the young woman up to the door and she just walked in like she lived there. He stopped abruptly, until she beckoned him inside. He asked immediately if woman named Dorothy was still living here, and she just nodded and said that it was her great grandmother, and that her name was Ila Florence. The words that escaped her mouth made him freeze up, and made him want to run out of the house. He decided against it. He walked and finally found his ‘home’, yet it wasn’t his home anymore.

The little girl practically ran up the steps returning a few minute with an old woman whose names was Dorothy. She spoke with him as if he were a stranger, and just seeing her old hurt his heart. He talked with her as if she was a stranger also, but when he asked about her husband she just said that he’d gone missing in 1952 and was presumed dead, and it all made sense now. He was ghost wasn’t he, but that was immediately pushed out of his mind, because he could hold solid objects. The conversation went on for awhile, before he asked if her husband played the violin. Of course she answered that he had, and had even brought his violin out to show the wanderer. The violin and bow looked the exact same as they had when he’d left them. He even went to take them, before stopping and asking if it was okay. She just shrugged and handed the case over telling him not to mess it up. He pulled the bow out of the case first, and then the hallowed instrument followed suit. He positioned it correctly before streaming out a few notes, and then started playing a few lines of Bye Bye Blackbird, which caused the old woman to stand up and leave the room. Returning a few seconds later telling him to leave, and take the instrument with him, as she muttered something about him having Aaron's face. He left but not before heading down to the French quarter to find the bar still there. It had stood since the boy was a child, and the memory brought tears to his eyes. That night it was something called an open mic night where people would show up and play their instruments and/or sing.

He decided not to participate that night. As he walked out of the bar that night the teenager was there again, and so he finally decided upon listening to his words and accepting that he wasn’t a human anymore, les he wanted to get pestered by the already annoying teenager. He accepted the fact that he had died, but hadn’t died at the same time and that he was now a spirit of music. One of the many music spirits that roamed the world. Apollo told him that he should leave and head to a place called Camp Half-Blood in Long Island, as it would raise questions if someone so happened to recognize him. Who wouldn’t recognize him? He’d been a very popular musician and had had a lot of friends, that were still living, that were still in the city. He didn’t listen though instead he stayed in the city for a year longer.

It was month into him living back in the city, and he had even managed to get a job working in that bakery that was close to his childhood home. He kind of kept an eye on the family and the home in its self, as he wanted to make sure his family was safe, from a distance anyways. That day he was having an exceptionally great one. He’d finally figured out how to use a cellphone and even how to use the cash register so he’d been moved from making dough to actually working with the cash register. He decided to head to the bar, like he usually did, and decided to sign himself up for open mic night him playing his violin and singing the lyrics of the song, What Is This Thing Called Love, too. A few hours later and he was up to play. His singing sounded completely different than what it used to sound like. What was up with that? He just continued on playing until the piece was complete. After finishing up he decided to go out the back entrance, still holding on to his music case. which led to an alley where two children could be seen dancing, after midnight at that.

He watched for a few moments before clearing his throat and speaking. He looked at both of the children and then went on to ask why they were in the alley after midnight dancing. He even told them in a firm yet gentle voice that New Orleans was a very dangerous place after midnight; From what he could remember anyways. The girl looked a little scared and Aaron put his hands up and just said he wasn’t there to hurt them, but rather that he didn’t want them to get hurt. The boy just responded that his older brother would protect him and that he wasn’t afraid of the dark. Aaron just quirked an eyebrow at the young boy and chuckled. There wasn’t much he could do, as it wasn’t like he was the boss of them. He stopped speaking for a moment before shifting the hand his violin case had been in.

The boy went on to ask what was in the case and Aaron just went on to say it was a violin and ask if he’d ever heard one being played before just getting a shake of the head as an answer. This just made him a little sad as he remembered New Orleans as the music hub of the south; someone always playing a violin trumpet or even a Saxophone. Aaron went on to pulling his violin out and playing his favorite song Sweet Georgia Brown, but then he went onto playing a few more pieces not realizing that the time had slipped away from him. Only when the people from the inside of the bar started streaming out; one by one. He stopped playing at this point and suggested that the children should go home.

The next day when he went back the children were there once again, but this time he just started playing for them instead of telling them to go home, because he knew they wouldn’t listen. He started doing this for them almost every night usually the times varying; Mostly depending on if he had work the next day or not. The boy eventually told him his name, which was Rhys and the girl did as well, her name being Yancy. He obviously gave them his first name, because that was the polite thing to do.

6 months later, still 2007, a fruit bat had found its way into the alley scaring Yancy and causing Aaron to nearly drop his violin, but Rhys didn’t seem at all phased by the little creature. He just started talking to the small bat as if where a normal thing to do. Aaron spoke up and told him to stop speaking to the bat, but of course Rhys didn’t listen and allowed the bat to land on his shoulder. He went on to petting the bat and told everyone she was harmless, so then Aaron decided to do the same only leaving Yancy standing there before, she too, decided on petting the harmless bat. They eventually went back to what they normally did, leaving the bat to swoop out minutes later.

6 more months passed and it was january of 2008, and something went a little bad for Aaron, as someone had recognized him upon entering his work. It was an old lady no older than 70. This girl, how could she even recognize his face? She’d only been 7 when he’d left. He denied it immediately, but his name tag stated that his name was indeed Aaron. So she continued to argue with him on the matter. He did a little panic and walked to the back room of the bakery; Switching places with one of his coworkers. Upon his shifting ending he decided it was time he left New Orleans for good, as he didn’t wanna cause more anguish for anyone. Especially his wife, well he guess they weren’t married anymore considering he was supposed to be dead.

3 years, 2011, passed by and Aaron had made his way up to New Jersey; a place he’d never once visited, well when he was mortal anyways. As he’d been in this city of Cape May for nearly 2 years now. As he traveled he noticed more of those creatures that used to attack him, though they didn’t seem to even notice him, though he noticed them. He even saw a few of the creatures going after children that had been his age when he had been attacked. He didn’t really do anything until the 5th time he saw it happen. His bow & violin turning into their true forms of a sword and shield. He had killed the creature, a hellhound, only to have the girl he’d saved to freak out and scream for her parents who came rushing around the corner mere minutes later. They went straight into calling the cops, which made him run fast, heading out of the city.

3 more years passed, 2014, and Aaron had decided that it was rather boring just running so he ended up in New York City playing his violin on a street corner. He’d learned a few new pieces of music in the last 6 years so he utilized this into his performance while even singing sometimes. His voice seemed to captivate the people around him, and therefore he’d attract rather large crowds to his ‘performances’. Even to the point someone important had stopped to hear him play, and was completely captivated by the young man's performance. The man asked him if he was able to play any of Beethoven's pieces and he just nodded and started playing the piece flawlessly. The next thing the guy said was that they needed a gifted a violinist for Philharmonic-Symphony. He just shrugged and said okay, before realizing he was being offered a job.

Getting to camp:

He stuck with the job for 2 years, 2016,before he felt immensely bored with playing the same pieces of music over and over again. In one word he was bored, and then the words ‘Apollo’ had spoken came back to him. Camp Half-Blood and long island, but why would he go to a camp? Camps were meant for kids right? He didn’t want to ponder it any longer, and walked out of his apartment only to see, not many feet away a bird creature attacking someone. He just stood there frozen in place, as the creature was slain. He got into his car immediately after and followed in suit as to make sure the girl was okay. They headed towards long island and he put two and two together and realized that they were headed for the same place, maybe. The girl drove and drove until they came upon a farm house with strawberry fields in front of it, and she just turned in quickly, not even seeing if there was anyone even in the driveway.

but upon entrance it was completely different than what he’d seen from the road. It was an actual camp, cabins and all, but the difference was that the kids here weren’t all kids. Mostly teenagers with weapons and even some adults. Thoughts went through his mind as the girl came to his door and pulled him out of the car rather forcefully. She then went on to interrogate him, only to find out the he was a music spirit, and that she was something called a demigod. From there things got a little weird as he hadn’t been sent by camp and nor had he ever been in camp, but the girl would never find out about that. So she let him go and they both went their separate ways, not speaking again. He’d been at camp for nearly 2 weeks now.

Basic Info
Full Name: Aaron Florence
Titles: Music Spirit
Current Location: Camp Half-Blood
Affiliation(s): Camp
Current Status: Alive, and Healthy
Relationship Status: Single
Born or Created On: 5/30
Current Age: 20
Species: Music Spirit
Nationality: Korean
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Accent: Southern
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Owned By: JustChase
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Aaron Florence ~ Music Spirit

“Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”
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Character's Bio

-Violin Crusader 🎻 Warfare Musician
 Age: Immortal (20)  Height: 5'6  Weight: 133 lbs
 Sexuality: Panromantic; asexual  Relationship Status: Married, sort of?
 Birth Place: New Orleans, Louisiana  Main Weapon: CB Sword & Shield
 Accent: Light Southern Accent
 – “It is cruel, you know, that music should be so beautiful. It has the beauty of loneliness of pain: of strength and freedom. The beauty of disappointment and never-satisfied love. The cruel beauty of nature and everlasting beauty of monotony.”

Character's Powers

 Powers of a Music Nymph/Spirit:

  1. They can curse others to only speak in rhyming couplets that can take days or even weeks to wear off (depending on strength and number of people in the spell), the longer it lasts the more energy it drains
  2. They can curse others to sing everything, that can take days or even weeks to wear off (depending on strength and number of people in the spell), the longer it lasts the more energy it drains
  3. They have a minor ability to inspire the musical talents in those around them
  4. Their music can calm those around them for a short time
  5. As they are nymphs they do not age, remaining eternally young.
  6. They have a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs
  1. They can sustain a high pitch with their voice, that is so loud it will temporarily stun anyone around them, its effects are temporary and it effects everyone around them, friend or foe. They can also do this with a musical instrument as well.
  2. They can infuse magic into their song and ‘charm-sing’ another into doing their will or revealing a secret to them; the person will remain under the control of the charm-sing for a few minutes or until control is relinquished
  1. They have such a beautiful voice, that when they sing, people can't help but listen, this can often distract enemies while in battle
  1. They can play any musical instrument, even if they have never seen it before
  2. They have pitch perfect singing voices

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Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: Powers
Preferred Weapon: CB Sword and shield
Quests/Missions Led: None
Quests/Missions Been On: None

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”
Possessions & Favourite Things
Bedroom: WIP
Pets: None


Likes: WIP
Dislikes: WIP
Colour: Green
Music: Jazz & Blues
Food: Gumbo
Animal: Horses
Book: A Song of Fire and Ice
Quote: "When you wake up you have two choices – go back to sleep and dream your dreams, or wake up and chase those dreams!”
Drink: Creme Soda
Song: WIP
Movie: WIP
Sport: WIP
Other Favs: N/A
Appearance & More Images
Model: Bang Yongguk
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 133lbs
Ethnicity: Asain
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Shoe Size: 12
Blood Type: O-
Distinguishing Marks: None
Body Style: Slim, but muscular
One Word to Describe:
Best Physical Trait: WIP
Worst Physical Trait: Nose
Mental/Emotional State: None
Things to Change: WIP
Mental/Emotional disorders: None
Medical Problems/Ailments: None

Family & Childhood Info
Creator: Sort of Apollo
Full-Siblings: None
Other Relatives: None
Home: Camp Half-Blood
Earliest Memory: WIP
Best Memory: WIP
Schooling: All of High School
First Kiss: N/A
First Love: N/A
First Sex: N/A
Other Firsts: N/A


General Info
Nicknames: Ron, Ronnie
Native Language: English
Character Flaw: WIP
Fears/Phobias: Being left behind
Hobbies: Playing the violin
Personal Motto: WIP
Things He Won't Do: WIP
Most Admires: His Mother
Most Influenced By: His mother
Moral Compass: He has a great sense of right and wrong
Most Important Person Before: Mother
Most Important Person Now: Himself
Reacts to Crises: WIP
Faces Their Problems: WIP
Reacts to Change: WIP
Alignment: Chaotic
Dream Job: WIP
Current Job: WIP
“I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.”
Vices: people who harm others
Bad Habits:
Sleeping Habits: WIP
Quirks: WIP
Attitude: Respectful
Special Talents: He can dance XD
Social Skills: WIP
Other Info
Most at Ease When?: When he’s able to play his violin
Main Priorities: WIP
Past Failures: WIP
Biggest Accomplishment: WIP
Darkest Secret?: N/A
Secret Known by Anyone?: WIP
Personal Tragedy: N/A
One Wish: Why would I wish, when I could live it?
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? Never
Relates to Others? {{{relates}}}
Perceived by Strangers: Respectful and Kind
Perceived by Lover: N/A
Perceived by Friends: Kind hearted
Perceived by Family: Lovable
First Impression: Kind
Family/Friends Like Most? WIP
Family/Friends Like Least? WIP


Aaron pattern

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