Amanda Foster's Pet
The Lazy Heart


Amanda was walking out of her cabin, when she found a small basket in front of her cabin. As she approached it, she saw that there was a white cat wrapped in pink blankets. There was a letter saying:

My dearest Amanda. I know it is very late for me to do this, but it was my duty as a mother. This is your birthday gift. Consider it a late present from your favorite goddess. I hope you like it, love Aphrodite.~

Amanda decided to keep the cat, as it was a gift from her mother. It now is peacefully resting in Amanda Foster's Room this instance...

  1. Normal Cat abilities
  2. The power to empathically communicate with Children of Aphrodite. (Given by Aphrodite)

Name Relation Feelings
Amanda Foster Owner She treats me well, so I guess she's okay. Meow...

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