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Lord of the Sun
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Apollo's Cabin, at first glance looks like an ordinary cabin, but when hit by sunlight, looks as if it is made of solid gold. At times, it gleams so brightly it can become difficult to look at. The front door is carved from a laurel tree, with a laurel, a bow, and an arrow carved into the middle. The cabin possesses an enchanted skylight which allows sunlight to pass through even during the night or when the weather is unfavorable. Inside the cabin, there are 4 statues of the residents' father, situated at the four corners of the cabin. Speakers are built into the walls, enchanted to emit a sound which mimics whatever the recipient would like to hear. Last but not least, a large wooden medicine cabinet containing ambrosia, bandages, scalpels and many other forms of mortal medical care can be found along one side of the wall.

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Meet the Campers!
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Cabin Activities & Duties
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