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Avalon Aspen ~ Daughter of Harmonia
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More Info:

 Age: ~?~?~  Height: 5'8  Weight: ~?~?~ LBS
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: ~-~-~  Main Weapon: ~-~-~
 Accent: ~-~-~
 – ~-~-~


Avalon hides her pain of abandonment behind a calm and collected face; she's afraid to get close to people in fear that they might leave her, so it's hard for her to make friends right away.  She doesn't really open up until shes known a certain group of people for a while. Because of this, she also doesn't speak much unless spoken too or otherwise. However once she gets to the point where she feels comfortable, she's kind hearted, fun, determined and at times, stubborn. She also has a tendency to sing or hum when something's troubling her.


“Once Upon a time, there was young man who lived on a farm. One day, he was out in the back yard under the oak tree when he heard a voice. The most angelic voice ones ears would ever be blessed to hear. He followed the voice into the towering woods to find a young woman sitting by the creek. He spoke to her, complementing her on the beautiful melody. When she turned around it was love at first sight. The man had never been so sure of anything in his life. Their love grew to a point where they decided to start a family. But the woman had a secret, and for that reason, she had no choice but to leave her beloved behind. The young man was distraught, but he would forever treasure the gift the beauty by the creek gave him… his beautiful daughter. When his daughter was old enough, they moved away to the city and she grew up to be just as intelligent, talented, and beautiful as her mother. Together, they lived happily ever after as a blissful family of two.” He leaned in and gave her a sweet kiss on her forehead…

She woke up from her dream with the sunlight in her eyes. She had dreamt she was a little girl again, listening to her father tell her the same story he always did. It was one of THOSE mornings; the kind that 17 year old, Avalon Aspen, detested greatly. She didn’t understand why the sudden bursts of hatred would come to her so early in the morning, but they did. And that was something she couldn’t stop. For as long as she could remember, she had been living with her father, Cristofer Aspen. In fact, he was the only one she could remember. She had no recollection of her mother. There were no photographers, no letters, nothing. Avalon’s mother was a total mystery, and that’s what she hated.

Avalon’s grandparents on her father’s side lived in the countryside of Pennsylvania. Since the drive to her grandparent’s house was only a couple hours away from where Avalon lived in the city, they visited every other weekend. To Avalon, it was a way to escape the drama of a high school life. Her grandparent’s 19-year old next door neighbor, Brianna “Bri” McIntyre, was Avalon’s best friend. Bri lived by herself just a mile away from her grandparent’s property; she was the closest neighbor they had.

Unfortunately, a whole day spent with her whole family seemed to fly by all too quickly. Everyone was sitting at the kitchen table when there was a sudden knock on the door. Since Avalon had already finished eating, she got up to answer it and found Bri in the threshold. They had hung out earlier that day and it was very unlike Bri to come over at such a late hour. Bri walked in and gave Avalon’s father a strange stare, as if she were trying to tell him something. Avalon’s father asked, “Is it time?” Brianna nodded her head. Before Avalon could even ask, she was pulled out the house and into the darkness.

Together, Avalon and Bri walked through the dark woods. Avalon was full of questions, but Bri was not willing to answer any of them, she just continued tugging Avalon behind her. Then suddenly it happened. Avalon heard a voice. The most angelic voice she had ever heard in her life. She stopped walking. “Bri, do you hear that?” This time, Bri answered. “Yes, but only faintly. I keep losing it.” Avalon ripped her wrist free from Bri’s grasp, “But it’s so loud…” Bri rolled her eyes, “Fine. Then follow the voice and I’ll follow behind you.”As they walked through the woods, more strange noises echoed through the trees. Silently they kept walking through the woods, yet a Hellhound flung itself out of some bushes in the distance. The hound began to charge at them, "Run!" Bri shouted as she pulled Avalon to the left. They ran, for a little while, but reached a cave, the Hellhound was closing in on them quickly, and Bri plunged into the cave mouth. "Come on!!" Bri shouted at Avalon, and Avalon ran in after Bri. "Bri, Now that we're in here... what do we do??" Bri quietly said, "Follow me..." and she took Avalon by the hand and started to walk her through the cave system. As they probed through the cave, they found a tunnel that started to get brighter. They began to run down the tunnel and reached an exit, covered by rocks. Bri kicked off her shoes, revealing hooves. Pushing Avalon away she began to kick at the rocks, causing them to tumble, creating a new way out of the cave. Avalon crawled out, and Bri merely jumped. A far off sign that said "Welcome to Camp” loomed in the distance. Bri grabbed Avalon's hand and began to run towards the sign. Upon reaching it, they were greeted by campers, who took them to get food.




  1. Children of Harmonia have the ability to force a false state of peace upon someone, making them blind to any attack for a very short time.
  2. Children of Harmonia have the ability to amplify their physical strength for a short time; however, they suffer from a sort of withdrawal once the effects have subsided.


  1. Children of Harmonia have the ability to charm a single weapon into being unable to be used for any sort of offense for a short time.
  2. Children of Harmonia can make a pact with a single person at a time, making it so that each of them receives a lesser effect from every wound; however, any wound that one of them receives, the other receives as well, to the same lesser degree.


  1. Children of Harmonia have an innately faster rate of healing than other people.
  2. In their presence, people form friendships more easily, or reach agreements more easily.


  1. Children of Harmonia have the ability to slightly calm the minds of everyone near them, no matter what side they are on.
  2. Children of Harmonia have the ability to charm a weapon so that it heals wounds, rather than causing them; this drains the child of Harmonia and the user of the weapon extremely.

3 Month After Character is Made

  1. Children of Harmonia have the ability to greatly amplify the abilities and powers of a group of people near them; the user, however, is extremely drained from this action.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Harmonia are able to charm all the weapons in the immediate area around them to not attack for a short time, but that includes their own.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Harmonia are able to everyone in their immediate vicinity to become so harmonious they lose their will to fight, but that includes themselves.


  1. Children of Harmonia tend to have well balanced and harmonious personalities.
  2. Children of Harmonia are good at overseeing treaties between people.


Name Relation Feelings
Cristofer Aspen Father "I love my father, I admire him. The love of his life walked away and he still manages to keep his spirit's high."
Harmonia Mother "She abandoned me..."

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