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  • TheFabulousBarbie


    April 23, 2017 by TheFabulousBarbie

    I have tried for over a month now to get back into CHBRP and I just can't do it, so here is me telling all of you I am on a break. my characters for the time being are all Harle's to play with as he deems fit in my absents.

    Much love,


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  • Thatwittledolt


    April 20, 2017 by Thatwittledolt

    Hey there everyone. It's Dolt. Due to some personal reasons, I have decided to resign from my positions and leave this site. Even though it was short, I still enjoyed the process. Everyone of you are lovely lovely people, Summer, Yorkie, Brockt, etc. Maybe I'll see you all soon. XD By the Way, Miggy, a good replacement for me would be Scaley (Audrey). She is active, caring and is a good mod to have. 

    Possibly signing out for the last time

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  • Yukaronachan

    My lack of RPs

    March 15, 2017 by Yukaronachan

    So I know a lot of you have either started RPs with me or wished to at one point. And I really do love to RP when I'm in a good mood. But lately there have been a lot of factors contributing to a mood that is not attuned for writing anything that would fit this wikia. My stress levels have been slowly rising as I search for a new job and a room mate before my current one moves out and that combined with an ever increasing amount of night time depression I can not seem to bring myself to focus on much of anything except all the things going wrong in my life. If you want to RP please I beg of you have patience with me. I will try and get a post put out as soon as I possibly can. But until I get my real life situations resolved and find a way…

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  • Zerdude66


    March 11, 2017 by Zerdude66

    Name= Jonah Willemus

    Gender= Male

    God Parent=Ares

    Mortal Parent= Raina Willimus

    Appearance= Dirty Blond hair,Pale Skin,Hazel Eyes,And lean body

    Personality:Cocky,Stuborn,and Trustworthy

    History:working on that

    Weapons:British Privateer Saber,Bowie Knife and CrosBow

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  • Eternal Sterek

    Hey y'all! I know I recently said that I'm back and ready to get going again, but school is becoming more toxic by the minute, and I'm slowly getting drowned.

    Midterms week is supposedly done, but I still have two classes (European History and Philippine Foreign Relations) with exams that were moved, and I will be taking them tomorrow and the following week. I also have a shitton of requirements to pass, mainly a Poetry Recital video, with a written analysis of my poem, and a Filipino play to mount for my Intro to Literature class. Other than that, I have a lot of papers to write this week and the next, which would greatly limit my time on the internet to research and looking at scholarly things.

    Lastly, I have tri-weekly chorale rehearsals …

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  • Mojo-cosplay

    percy being cute

    February 28, 2017 by Mojo-cosplay

    Sometimes percy can be and idiot but he can also be really sweet. i will be using this "blog" section as more of things that happen at camp to keep u guys updated about what is going on. for this entery i will tall you what percy did for me this week.

    On tuesday right after after practice, i went to my cabin to study. i have been really stressed lately because of school and camp. i also had some family drama the week before. Percy texted me telling me to go come his appartment. this is how our conversation went:

    percy: hey wise girl

    me: hey seaweed brain what's up?

    percy: come over.

    me: but i'm studying

    percy: just come over. trust me.

    me: okay fine. I hope it's important

    Normaly if percy wanted to hang out i would say yes right away, but like i s…

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  • Thatwittledolt


    The government decided to be an arse and run renovations on our. AKA no internet at all. I would be back... Latest on the 8th of March X3 

    Edit: So the family decided to extend the stay to 17 March. Rip me. Sorry to all!

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  • YorkieWolf

    RP Buddy Add On

    February 11, 2017 by YorkieWolf

    So recently it seems like Rp buddy isn't particularly doing it's job, which is, finding rp partners for users (mainly newer users) in order to help integrate them more in the wiki/create new bonds. In light of this, Rp Buddy will have another additional compononent: A squad. Specficially, it wouldbe a group of people to sort of run rp buddy, with the responsibility of keeping up roleplay and seeking out new users to rp with them. Aside from this, they should promote roleplay with users with less people to roleplay with. If anyone is interested in joining this squad for rp buddy, let me know!

    tl;dr please rp with the newbs XD

    1. ReesesPeaces
    2. Eternal Sterek
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  • YorkieWolf

    Safe Chat

    January 21, 2017 by YorkieWolf

    This blog is going to be very short and very simple. It used to be that sexual talk in main could be allowed, to a degree, as long as the parties involved didn't go too far/ had common sense on what could or could not trigger someone. Also, it used to be that when someone is asked to stop,they stop. As that isn't the case anymore, until further notice, sex talk is being banned from main. This is for everyone, even admins. First time it's a kick, second is a ban (because by then you should know better.) This should help create a safer environment on chat for everyone.


    No more sex talk in main effective now.

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  • Nat25

    CHB Yearbook 2016

    December 9, 2016 by Nat25

    CHB 2016 Yearbook

    I hope you all enjoy this! I know I'm really excited for it *grins* Give it a try and vote. Even if you haven't been active, you can still vote for Best Wiki Couple. So if anything, vote for that.

    If there is something you would like to add or change, please let me know asap!!!

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  • Thatwittledolt

    Inactivity Post

    November 24, 2016 by Thatwittledolt

    Hey ya'll! I'll be inactive since I'll be going to Japan tomorrow. Imactive meaning there will be no roleplay posts. I will not even be remotely online at all. I will get back on 6/12 :3

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  • Nat25

    Memories and Advice

    November 9, 2016 by Nat25

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    Hi all! So as some of you may remember, a few months back the R&D Team introduced the newest event - The Champions of Othrys! Now, due to holidays and obviously school picking up there was a lack of progress on it...until now!! This blog signifies the re-ignition of the Champions of Othrys event! This blog will be an overview of everything you need to know! Have a question? Check here and if it's not answered, feel free to leave a question in the comments or PM myself, Brocky, Clay or Ash on chat and we'll do the best we can to answer any queries you may have!

    For the general ease of having everything in one place, all previous reservations will need to be made here once more, apologies for any inconveniences.

    The event revolves around the i…

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  • YorkieWolf

    Rumors, Fights, and Chat

    October 12, 2016 by YorkieWolf

    Hello everyone. As you all may know, chat is kept pretty relaxed, so it's very easy for things to escalate. While we are fine with keeping chat "free" in the sense of a lot of off-wiki topics, when the same topic comes up again and again, and it's just the same people getting in a fight based of rumors and other users egging on the hostility, a line must be drawn. Specifically, the feud between Chase and Nat has to stop now. It only brings stress and negativity to chat and the wikia itself, and that is not something we condone. It's gone on long enough. From here on, if anyone eggs on the debate between the two, the two start fighting again, spreads rumors of the two (I don't care how true or false they are), or anything close to that (up t…

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  • Eternal Sterek

    Hi everyone!

    So, the event is going to officially start on October 15, 2016. For more details, visit this page: Contest:Halloween Battle Royale. But don't edit it, or else you will face my wrath. xP

    Anyway, sign-ups are gonna happen here. Just comment below and tell me the character you wish to enter the contest with. You can only enter one character and only the first twenty users will be permitted to enter. Also, only camp characters are allowed. No exceptions!

    It will be nice if we don't have two characters from the same godparent, but it's okay if we really can't help it.

    1. Chase Whittemore, Son of Zeus - Miggy
    2. Joachim Flamel, Son of Hecate - Hyu
    3. Bowen Spall, Son of Astraeus - James
    4. Cody Knight, Son of Hades - Broken
    5. Aria Shen, Daughter of Astraeus - …

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  • Eternal Sterek

    Hey CHB!!! So, in the interest of slowly bringing back events and slowly pulling or wiki back from the pits of Tartarus, we have come up with a big event for you guys!

    Anyway, judging from the title, I'm pretty sure you already know where this blog is gonna lead. XD That's right, we're going to have not just one, not just two, but three events for October 2016!!! These events are already in the works, and myself, Brockosaurus and Hyu are already working on it so we can bring 'em to you in time. I will also personally contact the members of the R&D team to help out. If there are any admins/RBs that want to help out as well, just comment below or shoot me an IM! :)

    So what events are we actually taking about? Well for the first one, it's going t…

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  • UniPacific16

    Ok I've wanted to do this for a while now but haven't had the courage to do it until now. If I get banned for this, well you all know what I'm saying is true.

    Lately, it seems like more and more problems have been occurring with one reoccurring thing appearing in most of the problems. To me it seems like that same sort of thing is happening over and over again, an admin (not saying anyone in particular or the whole admin team in general) has caused a problem which may at the time have been a good reason but has cashed someone leaving, majority of the time because of past experiences. In my opinion, it seems like these problems are always the same thing like I just said before, from being accused of having a sock when not just because of pas…

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  • Nat25

    Mini Vacation

    October 3, 2016 by Nat25

    -Just puts this into the history tab-

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  • Eternal Sterek

    What's up CHB?

    As per the results of this vote, "temporarily reserved models" will no longer be a thing, and all reserved models will now be considered as permanently reserved. However, if a user goes three months without making edits, said user will lose all rights to reserved models. Only reserved models though, not models of existing characters - for those, you'll have to wait until the character page gets archived before you can renew the reservation and place it under your name.

    Anyways, the purpose of this blog is to make sure that everybody knows about the new policy in place. So, I recommend all users to read about the details of the new policy in the link provided above. Also, this blog is sort of a general announcement that the HR De…

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  • Mr.Suit

    Saying goodbye

    July 18, 2016 by Mr.Suit

    So first guys I must inform you that I am typing this from a mobile device,so naturally it will be poorly written and have a bunch of spelling errors.

    I am leaving the wiki for several reasons. Recently I have had a lot of trouble such as the destruction of my computer,having a loved one hospitalized,and an increased amount of working hours. Many of you guys who know me personally know that I live a very complex life and that I have to make sacrifices to keep things afloat at home. Unfortunately camp half blood has become on of the sacrifices that I am having to currently make.

    So you idiots , I love you all very very much. Whenever I first joined the wiki I was a borderline Ambien addicted kid who was lurking the internet in search for "fri…

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  • Nat25

    Good Bye

    June 13, 2016 by Nat25

    It has come to my attention that I have been called out on countless times of acting childish and immature. And that will follow me all throughout the rest of my years here, and I don't want that. I don't want to constantly be in the shadow of the 14 year old who once started here. It is time for me to change.

    I have decided to leave. Yes, you read that correctly, me, leaving. I want a new start where no one knows me, where I can start all over and make new friends.


    You will see me again, you gave my number, you know where to find me. I love you sweetie. Sorry about the Odell's. You get Melody and her model, feel free to finish them whenever.

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  • CattyTheOrchid16

    Okay I admit that was a bit bitchy but hey, no sugarcoating is gonna happen on this blog so I apologize if anyone rages. So...

    Okay so first of all, I don't fucking know what's happening except that someone's trying to implement a new system and it's apparently a totalitarian one so here I am, packing the last of my bags. I mean, I woulda stayed if it was a system that implemented easier lifestyles for everyone here but it's not so goodbye.

    To be honest, I've been a shit user here and an even shittier "helper" so I guess my departure won't be that big of a fuss. Like I literally left several times on unannounces hiatuses... Hiati? Wait nope, hiatuses. And I've missed a hella lot people, especially those I've gotten close to and unfortunately…

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  • PandoraStar411


    June 5, 2016 by PandoraStar411


    So. I'm back. Yeah. Hip hip hooray!

    I'm expecting a welcome back party xD JK.

    So I shall be active during the entire summer but when college comes, ew, semi-active please.

    I'm wondering if any users who know me want to like collab or something because im starting off as a newb again and I would like some help making claims and shiz.

    TY and love y'all suckers. I missed everyone of yous so I decided to join for y'all who know me :D

    PS: any admin out there and rollbacks and etc... I will be making another account. keep that in mind it will be the same person. I shall inform someone on the admin team about this. im just starting new but I don't know what the account name will be yet.

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  • Undead Sparkz

    [Insert Undead being a egocentric pissy little bitch]

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  • Nat25


    May 20, 2016 by Nat25

    So recently, there has been a lot of drama going on due to inactivity and such, but this is also for the future. (Sorry Mel you're the example)

    Before we decide to demote an admin, we look look into how much work they have put into this wiki. Meloney has been here for 4 and a half years. I'm sure that Mel has been an admin for at least 3 years. Without her, many claims wouldn't be looked at for a long time. Recently Wolfie took a leave, Fate is busy, and Windy is also busy.

    So I ask you, how much dedication has every single admin put into this wiki? What would this wiki look like without them? Even if they go inactive, they have to SO much work into here, and for that I am greatful. 

    It took 10 days for my claim to even be looked at. Wolfie w…

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  • YorkieWolf

    The 101 On Claims

    May 10, 2016 by YorkieWolf

    Hey Users of Camp Half-Blood,

    Many of you may be wondering what the purpose of this blog is and if you look at the title it should really say it all. For those of you who can't guess I'll just go ahead and explain. Over time claims have gotten more complex and claim checkera have gotten more nitpicky about the details needed in a claim so, this blog is mostly just to let user know what we look for in claims and also a general guideline for the admin team members of the Claiming department, and a good source for regular users to look at to know their rights. Note, this is not a completed blog post, but will continually be added onto, and revised with more regulations. Also note, all things here are supported by rules already in place. Contri…

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  • CanBoy67


    May 7, 2016 by CanBoy67

    I'm going to be semi active because I'm working. As such I won't be very active

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  • YorkieWolf

    Hey there everyone. You may have seen my placing a category called "Check for Leveling", its purpose being self explanatory. No this is not a mandatory category, I am just putting it to make my job in leveling users much easier. So, if you see a new user in the leveling process, if you could kindly put the category on them so I know who to level. I could check the Level categories that come with the badges, but those seem to have become overcrowded with older users already left.

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  • Windsword7

    Heeeey ya'll! Wind here. So, I've caught the Survivor Bug lately and I am feeling the itch to take another stab at having a Survivor type contest here at camp. Now, this isn't like a COMING SOON kind of announcement with an imminent date coming up or anything. Contest priority #1 is doing everything possible to make sure The Champions of Othrys is a success. So basically this is just a little preliminary announcement to let people know that this in the works and get feedback on it. Specifically, anyone who has watched Survivor knows that every season looks a bit different with different tribe setups and twists. So what I really want this blog to be about is people commenting how they would want CHB Survivor to look like. I really want this…

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  • Oddseh612


    February 7, 2016 by Oddseh612

    I'm probably not gonna be around as often as I'd like. I have very limited internet access right now, and I can't find the inactive box thingamabob. >.< I promise that, as soon as I get more access to internet, I'll be on MUCH more! ^_^ So, ahm, see you around, I suppose.

    21:16, February 7, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Nat25

    I'm Sorry

    January 14, 2016 by Nat25

    To start off, I want to say I'm sorry.

    I wanted to apologize for my behavior in chat. I know that I have, issues that I need to work on, and I know that thay shouldn't be coming into chat. When I said I was 17, Oli had to ask again because he thought I was 14. I was acting that immature.

    Another thing I'd like to apologize for is my rudeness. I know that I have been rude to everyone, even the person I considered one of my best friends here. I hurt him deeply and I regretted it about 5 minutes after I said it. I was near tears at the thought of him not being my friend, and him not forgiving me. I thankfully had two of my other close friends to help, but it still makes me feel really guilty thinking about it.

    I'd like to apologize to the admins…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    The time has come (oops tried to be dramatic). Claiming for the Champions of Othrys is now open.

    The place of claiming is here: Claiming:Champions of Othrys

    The way in which the claiming will work will be similar to that of the Broken Covenant - any claimer can initially approve the claim in terms of it's content before a Council Member of the Champions will approve the claim in terms of conforming to the ideology of the CoO. Those who can approve claims in the latter sense are myself, Mel, Brocky, Ash and Gruff - the corresponding characters are as follows; Kingston, Aileen, Edison, ______ and Abel.

    Remember, the ideology of the Champions is that they hate the world the Gods created - they find it worthless and want to destroy it and everyon…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    Cabin Feuds

    These can be as big as pranking each other as the event progresses (which is extremely counter-productive but then again Camp is full of teenagers who don't always, you know, think.) or as small as refusing to cooperate when on missions together. If you would like a feud, please state the two cabins, the basis of which the feud was based upon and the outcomes of said feud. Please note that both users who own the counsellors must have agreed to the feud.


    As per the interest of chat, the Champions of Othrys will be gaining prisoners from Camp and potentially the Broken Covenant. If you are interested, please sign up your character below in the comments in a similar format in the list. Note that the kidnapping may take place …

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    As mentioned in the first blog, this is the follow up blog where sign-ups are happening!

    To ensure that this event lasts a while, we would like at least five people per organisation. Like in the first blog, we encourage not only the creation of Champion of Othrys members, but also the creation of Broken Covenant members!

    The R&D department anticipate that members for the Champions of Othrys will be the main thing people want to do and as such we have compiled a list. It is really important that you only make children of titans on this list as this is all we are allowing. Please can we not have any cases where somebody goes “oh but I want that titan!" or such, these are the only titans we are allowing.

    Alternatively, if you have a character in th…

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  • JustChase


    December 18, 2015 by JustChase
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  • EvilhariboMadness

    New Event?!

    December 16, 2015 by EvilhariboMadness

    Hey CHBRP!

    So as we’ve all come to know, contests are coming back slowly! In light of that, we’re addressing the second part of people's’ requests- an event. In the past we’ve had Lilith’s Letter and such which were fairly popular and well received by the community. So in an attempt to recreate it, here is a proposal for an event!

    So the event revolves around the introduction of a third group, Champions of Othrys??? (please suggest names below!). This group consists solely of demi-titans who are loyal to their parents. Unlike Camp who remain loyal to the Gods and the Broken Covenant who each have their own ideology, this group believes in serving the titans and carrying out their "wishes".

    The way this group will be ran is different from the…

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  • Redheadedpichu

    Well this might not be much of a shock to some since I haven't been very active but a lot of shit is happening in my life. I have been trying to bottle it up and try to hide the fact that it all hurts but I can't anymore. I want to smile and be the bubblying person that everyone - I hope - knows me as. Not the one who has been - recently - crying and asking for your help to cheer me up all the time because times are hard for me. I know to some this might seem unfair but I can't... hold it anymore. 

    In school I'm getting ounched and kicked around. Sometimes just verbally but it's getting more and more pysically each time. Just a small trip here, kick her where-she-can-defo-feel-it there, make sure she cries like a five year old... blah, blah…

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  • EllerbyBrit

    Skiing at Lake Tahoe, Pre

    December 12, 2015 by EllerbyBrit

    I am pretty stressed. Okay, so winter break is coming, and winter break means Lake Tahoe, and Lake Tahoe means skiing! However, I am still at home, warm and cozy. Winter is my favorite season, with all its holiday cheer. But, it is my first time skiing. (I know, I don't have a life, blah blah blah. I've never seen real SNOW before other than at the local ice skating rink or in pictures, so cut me some slack.) I really kind of wish that I knew HOW to even ski. My friends tell me it's really hard, since you're used to walking, and the poles really take away the fun of falling. Okay, that's reassuring - the fun of falling - but still, I'm stressed out about it. It's finally seeming REAL, after my mom bought all the equipment. Sure, I've known…

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  • Hydrocarbon1997

    uh hey

    December 8, 2015 by Hydrocarbon1997

    well...where should I start? been gone for over a year. I get that alot of you would have zero idea as to who the hell I am. So I guess i'll introduce myself. just call me hydro, I was a big shot crat a long long time ago. did alot for the place. could say i'm ancient. anyway enough showboating. I bailed for a crap ton of reasons, plain and simple.

    So why I'm back? Migs dragged me from this other wiki I run (been there the whole time, had fun). I sat down on chat and talked with some old friends. Migs, Minx and Oli. I guess it was nice to reconnect. Anyway I doubt if I "come back" I'll be too active. Can't be assed to make any new characters atm, so it'd be sweet if an admin could restore a char or two for me.

    dunno how long this'll last, bu…

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  • XxHaleighxX

    I'm Faith

    December 8, 2015 by XxHaleighxX

    Things I've done

    1. Made sock puppet accounts

    2. Used profound language 

    3.being a fight starter 

    4. Being offensive to emotional subjects 

    5. Being rude to other users

    6. Being rude and obnoxious 

    7. A bitch 

    8. A liar and manipulater

    things I've changed and now 

    1. I've stopped sock puppetting

    2. I haven't used any profanity language. 

    3. I'm very nice and sweet to users.

    5. Im no longer a bitch.

    6. I now try to bebe more respectful on emotional subjects 

    7. I try to cut down on my talking 

    8. I learned my lesson. 

    9. Im helpful

    10. Ive improved of being a better person to people.  

    11. Stopped lying and mamanipulating for good, 

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  • GyriffinNeon


    November 24, 2015 by GyriffinNeon


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  • UniPacific16

    Brief leaving

    November 23, 2015 by UniPacific16

    Yeah so this might not be brief and could be like forever. The reason I'm leaving is because my life is a wreck and full of stress so I need so time off. I don't know how long I will be gone for but I definitely know I will be back for my 1 year thing To make sure I don't come back please ban me and my other account User:UniPacific for 3 weeks at the end of this week. If this is permanent I just want to thank everyone who helped me along the way to become one of the most annoying person on the wiki and to where I am today. If anyone wants to talk to me while I'm away, my kick is JamesD161 (why not mess with a good system) Thank you all and peace out from this Aussie for a while

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  • Le Dernier Vache

    Starting soon, I probably will be less active on chat than I already am. This time of year is especially hard for me as I'm reminded of a particular painful memories of my best friend, who passed away. October 1st would have been his 17th birthday. As such, I'm taking the time off to start work on a little cartoon/mini-manga about him from my perspective. I plan to present a copy to his parents once I'm finished. Also, midterms will be coming up in a matter of weeks and I'll have to pull as many marks as I can so that I might get early acceptance for uni. Honestly, I never thought I'd reach this point where I'd have to think of that, but here I am. Here we all are, grown up, and going our seperate ways.

    Anyways, I've rambled on enough.

    Avec …

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  • Nata Roebot

    Aloha! 'Tis Nata again, this time with something chat-related again (instead of something mind-'asploding). Dear Krain/Ramo/Turnip recently asked me how to send private messages in chat, as the very straightforward and rather uncreative title suggests. Instead of breaking his talk page and scaring away future users from ever communicating with him, I'm making this (hopefully) handy tutorial for any other n00bs (and even some older peeps out there) to worship use responsibly. (A.K.A. please don't incorporate this into your plans for world domination. At least not without giving me Antarctica and a select few Pacific islands as repayment. xD) Hope this helps!

    If you don't know how to do this, I…

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  • Nata Roebot

    D.A.T.A. on N.A.T.A.

    September 5, 2015 by Nata Roebot

    Aloha everyone, 'tis Nata again, this time here to appease the masses! (Or at least the part of chat that's alive and not Lurking silently during certain times of day, usually around 3:00 UTC) This is gonna be a rather lengthy blog post, since it's a grand unveiling of vaguely vague personal information of dubious vagueness. Go blame the aforementioned masses for that; they were the ones who brought it up and insisted. Repeatedly. *glares at masses*

    I know that user WBs aren't very common, but I wanted to add a splash of fabulousness, okay? Capiche? Capooch? Casploosh? Kebabs? *can feel burning gazes of judgment, which are actually quite useful for roasting those kebabs*

    I'll just drop the biggest bomb first, I guess. *dissipates Nata shiel…

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  • Nata Roebot

    Chat Lurker Power Set

    August 27, 2015 by Nata Roebot

    Hello, assorted fabulous people of CHBRP Wiki, and welcome to the twisted and terrifying place known as Nata's Blogs! A few moments ago in chat, Pichu and I were further complicating chat lore by describing the mysterious world of "Away" and the types of beings who seem to reside there in perpetuity, only occasionally surfacing for air every few hours or so to make their presence known before vanishing into the abyss again. (Metaphorical embellishment of events © 2K15 by Nata Roebot) So, obviously, to commemorate this marvelous addition, I've made a power set for these poor unrepresented creatures of the deep. The original version started in chat was for stalkers, but I've modified it for lurkers, because they are not necessarily the same peop…

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  • MissFortune97

    The Awesome MissFortune97

    I'm a newbie, been here for only less than 3 months. I love making friends and keeping them forver. I love RPing, unfortunately, I'm a poor coder that's why I am practicing on pages lol

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  • BellatrixTheMagicalPotato
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  • NoctemV

    Here is a page for Pre-modern weapons:

    Here is a page for Medieval wepons:

    Here is a list of every language in the world:

    Here is a list of every religion in the world:

    Here are posionous plants:

    Here are plants in general:

    Here are what some cultures and peoples believe plants mean:

    Here are some gemstones and metals, and what t…

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  • Toxyca


    July 25, 2015 by Toxyca

    The following is a list of all of the things I have to give away in the event of my death, and to whom each shall fall.

    • 4D.50: (See "Competition" section)
    ​A six-shot revolver vaguely resembling the discontinued Taurus Raging Bull Model-500. It fires normal .500 S&W Magnum rounds, but with inexplicably higher muzzle velocity nearing the speed of light. Anyone holding the gun can telepathically cause the bullets to shift forward or backward through time, allowing for shots fired before or after a specified time to appear as if out of thin air. The bullets are capable of causing paradoxes, so firing them particularly far back in time should be avoided. The gun also grants the user the ability to timetravel forward and back in time infinitely,…

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