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This list is created based on the categories used on cabin pages, Cabin Counts. There are four categories. By putting a cabin in a certain category, it will automatically show up on the appropriate list. For a detailed list of all cabin counts, go here.
Least (1 to 7)

  1. Aeolus' Cabin
  2. Aglaea's Cabin
  3. Ariadne's Cabin
  4. Aristaeus' Cabin
  5. Asteria's Cabin
  6. Deimos' Cabin
  7. Dionysus' Cabin
  8. Eris' Cabin
  9. Harmonia's Cabin
  10. Hebe's Cabin
  11. Hermes' Cabin
  12. Hypnos' Cabin
  13. Iris' Cabin
  14. Limos' Cabin
  15. Lyssa's Cabin
  16. Melinoe's Cabin
  17. Mnemosyne's Cabin
  18. Morpheus' Cabin
  19. Nike's Cabin
  20. Notus' Cabin
  21. Palaemon's Cabin
  22. Pandia's Cabin
  23. Persephone's Cabin
  24. Prometheus' Cabin
  25. Themis' Cabin
  26. Tyche's Cabin
  27. Zephyrus' Cabin
Low (8 to 13)

  1. Apate's Cabin
  2. Apollo's Cabin
  3. Ares' Cabin
  4. Astraeus' Cabin
  5. Athena's Cabin
  6. Boreas' Cabin
  7. Cybele's Cabin
  8. Demeter's Cabin
  9. Eros' Cabin
  10. Hades' Cabin
  11. Hecate's Cabin
  12. Hephaestus' Cabin
  13. Nemesis' Cabin
  14. Nyx's Cabin
  15. Poseidon's Cabin
  16. Thanatos' Cabin
  17. Zeus' Cabin
Med (14 to 18)

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Full (19+)

  1. Aphrodite's Cabin
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Page Created By Last Edited On Last Edited By
Demeter's CabinThebiguglyalien10:10, August 8, 2017Summer June
UnlistedWolfy77815:03, July 30, 2017Wolfy778
Eros' CabinHollowAvarice00:27, May 13, 2017ParanormalHuntress
Nyx's CabinThebiguglyalien10:07, May 11, 2017~The Musician~
Tyche's CabinThebiguglyalien08:58, April 8, 2017~The Musician~
Hermes' CabinThebiguglyalien22:13, April 6, 2017Brocky292
Thanatos' CabinHollowAvarice03:12, April 5, 2017Summer June
Morpheus' CabinHollowAvarice01:38, April 4, 2017DaichiAoi
Themis' CabinTheGhostMan00:11, April 4, 2017~The Musician~
Aphrodite's CabinTheGhostMan05:50, April 3, 2017Summer June
Athena's CabinThebiguglyalien16:09, March 5, 2017Nata Roebot
Character ContestPerseusJackson06:58, March 2, 2017EvilhariboMadness
Boreas' CabinTheGhostMan04:27, February 11, 2017Eternal Sterek
Astraeus' CabinHollowAvarice00:00, January 27, 2017Nata Roebot
Ares' CabinThebiguglyalien04:47, January 19, 2017Brocky292
Mnemosyne's CabinBachLynn2310:39, January 9, 2017LyreOfOrpheHyus
Nemesis' CabinTheGhostMan10:34, January 9, 2017LyreOfOrpheHyus
Asteria's CabinTheGhostMan16:20, January 5, 2017The Lonely Stargazer
Cabin Symbolic Theme ContestBachLynn2302:25, January 4, 2017LyreOfOrpheHyus
Hypnos' CabinPerseusJackson02:03, January 4, 2017LyreOfOrpheHyus
Apate's CabinLyreOfOrpheHyus08:59, December 25, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Poseidon's CabinTheGhostMan04:09, December 25, 2016Summer June
Pandia's CabinLyreOfOrpheHyus18:45, December 16, 2016Nata Roebot
Zeus' CabinTheGhostMan14:46, December 13, 2016The Lonely Stargazer
Persephone's CabinTheGhostMan00:25, December 11, 2016Brocky292
Palaemon's CabinTheGhostMan18:17, December 10, 2016Nata Roebot
Hephaestus' CabinThebiguglyalien16:56, December 7, 2016Nat25
Eris' CabinHollowAvarice16:02, November 29, 2016Nat25
Cybele's CabinLyreOfOrpheHyus18:14, November 28, 2016Nat25
Apollo's CabinTheGhostMan19:09, November 26, 2016Nat25
Nike's CabinThebiguglyalien00:16, November 8, 2016Brocky292
Hades' CabinTheGhostMan03:51, October 31, 2016Broken fire
Melinoe's CabinTheGhostMan01:30, October 17, 2016Brocky292
Lyssa's CabinNhlott01:19, October 17, 2016Brocky292
Limos' CabinLyreOfOrpheHyus01:01, October 17, 2016Brocky292
Iris' CabinThebiguglyalien20:40, October 14, 2016Brocky292
Hecate's CabinThebiguglyalien22:31, October 13, 2016Brocky292
Hebe's CabinThebiguglyalien22:19, October 13, 2016Brocky292
Harmonia's CabinHollowAvarice01:31, October 13, 2016Brocky292
Dionysus' CabinTheGhostMan02:52, October 11, 2016Brocky292
Deimos' CabinHollowAvarice00:21, October 11, 2016Brocky292
Aristaeus' CabinBachLynn2303:05, October 10, 2016Brocky292
Ariadne's CabinBachLynn2318:54, October 9, 2016Brocky292
Aglaea's CabinArteminx16:55, October 9, 2016Brocky292
Aeolus' CabinThebiguglyalien16:42, October 9, 2016Brocky292
Photo AlbumsBachLynn2301:24, September 15, 2016KevyBot
Prometheus' CabinTheGhostMan13:25, June 28, 2016Summer June
Zephyrus' CabinHollowAvarice11:57, May 19, 2015Broken fire
Notus' CabinHollowAvarice00:10, June 21, 2014Hydrocarbon1997
Honorary CabinsPerseusJackson13:50, March 18, 2014BachLynn23
Cabin CountsBachLynn2323:52, March 16, 2014BachLynn23
Cabin Occupancy ListsBroken fire15:07, March 15, 2014BachLynn23


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