Head Counsellors.

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Ahren TerranceSummer June12:26, August 9, 2017Summer June
Melyssa FlynnBrocky29203:35, July 19, 2017KevyBot
Kwang Hyang-SoonKMØ03:35, July 19, 2017KevyBot
Colton OwenKMØ03:34, July 19, 2017KevyBot
Akuma SatsugaishaKMØ03:34, July 19, 2017KevyBot
Kathryn TaylorThaLispector08:12, July 17, 2017Omnia Lesvos
Beau ChambreBrocky29222:04, April 6, 2017Brocky292
Mercury LloydDaichiAoi23:20, April 5, 2017DaichiAoi
Oh Min'gyuDaichiAoi01:32, April 4, 2017DaichiAoi
Andrew SmytheXerxestheb-rabbit08:02, March 23, 2017TheRebelOfSlytherin
Jung SaeryunEvilhariboMadness05:59, March 23, 2017TheRebelOfSlytherin
Joël NoeEvilhariboMadness05:55, March 23, 2017TheRebelOfSlytherin
Zaphkiel WuBroken fire05:21, March 23, 2017TheRebelOfSlytherin
Rhys ConstantineDaichiAoi03:48, March 19, 2017DaichiAoi
Ciara HaganNat2520:50, March 6, 2017KevyBot
Katherine StarkEternal Sterek10:05, January 23, 2017Eternal Sterek
Aria ShenNata Roebot01:19, January 23, 2017Nata Roebot
Fabian MartellLyreOfOrpheHyus15:00, January 16, 2017LyreOfOrpheHyus
Skylar LuneTheWondefulMaskedMadame23:08, January 15, 2017TheWondefulMaskedMadame
Theodore GreenMerlin111900:00, January 12, 2017Merlin1119
Tracey Covington~The Musician~04:59, January 1, 2017JustChase
Leon AddingtonEvilhariboMadness21:37, December 31, 2016EvilhariboMadness
Chase CooperMerlin111906:59, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Bao-Zhi JiangWickedHuntressOfCookies06:58, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Blake YevesUniPacific1606:57, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Mason JacksonXerxestheb-rabbit06:57, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Kim ChinhoNata Roebot06:55, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Miller SallowYorkieWolf06:54, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Matt BrownXerxestheb-rabbit06:53, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Aya DrevisonTheDragonEmpress06:52, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Tyler PradaSlayingthehalcyon06:50, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
November StarkDrXax06:48, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Avan BachelderLittleWiseOwlz01:36, November 9, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Cody KnightBroken fire12:50, October 27, 2016Broken fire
Ryder CrestEvilhariboMadness01:09, October 14, 2016EvilhariboMadness
Karen MarceeSlayingthehalcyon18:04, September 23, 2016Slayingthehalcyon
Eden YangBrocky29217:33, September 11, 2016Brocky292
Cody CheonBrocky29217:28, September 11, 2016Brocky292
Kim Soo YeonAoCatrene23:35, July 3, 2016AoCatrene
Greg AustereDoveCat23:33, July 3, 2016AoCatrene
Landon JeonBrocky29221:03, June 15, 2016Brocky292
Frankie HaleBird of Winter19:36, June 7, 2016YorkieWolf
Michi KyeEvilhariboMadness18:36, January 5, 2016EvilhariboMadness
Lexi MansinBrocky29218:21, June 26, 2015Brocky292
Dirk StålstyrkeWindsword721:27, January 5, 2015Brocky292
Elixabeth OsloWindsword721:16, January 5, 2015Brocky292
Archived Characters
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Cassadee BlackArteminx08:29, April 7, 2017Eternal Sterek
Jacob EvansAffectos15:37, January 12, 2017Eternal Sterek

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