Active Characters
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Damianos StravosKMØ03:35, July 19, 2017KevyBot
Seraphina BlackFrostleaf161504:25, May 17, 2017The Highland Lady
James SpallUniPacific1620:05, April 30, 2017UniPacific16
TatianaBrocky29201:31, March 29, 2017Brocky292
Heo Jae-HunLyreOfOrpheHyus06:56, March 23, 2017TheRebelOfSlytherin
Elyson HaleLyreOfOrpheHyus06:50, March 23, 2017TheRebelOfSlytherin
Dakota HwangBrocky29205:15, March 23, 2017TheRebelOfSlytherin
Leo ShimizuTheRebelOfSlytherin07:09, February 11, 2017Omnia Lesvos
Hana ChoTheRebelOfSlytherin05:05, February 8, 2017TheRebelOfSlytherin
Katherine StarkEternal Sterek10:05, January 23, 2017Eternal Sterek
Chen Seo-JunLyreOfOrpheHyus10:36, January 8, 2017LyreOfOrpheHyus
Haze RyongBroken fire08:32, December 26, 2016Broken fire
Bae SoerinMargaery Tyrell02:36, December 24, 2016Margaery Tyrell
Wilbur Carter FitzgeraldYorkieWolf08:13, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Kenzie ChaiBrocky29207:14, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Aya DrevisonTheDragonEmpress06:52, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Andrew DrakeCopicat12302:08, November 8, 2016Nat25
AdrianTheWondefulMaskedMadame15:49, October 17, 2016TheWondefulMaskedMadame
CameronBrocky29218:14, September 11, 2016Brocky292
Jung KyuriBrocky29217:55, September 11, 2016Brocky292
Eden YangBrocky29217:33, September 11, 2016Brocky292
Cody CheonBrocky29217:28, September 11, 2016Brocky292
SydneyAoCatrene14:31, August 19, 2016AoCatrene
Mako RaekenLyreOfOrpheHyus02:17, June 29, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Pamina ClaytonMeloney12:25, June 28, 2016Meloney
Analeese SterlingScalesofFate01:33, June 19, 2016~The Musician~
Landon JeonBrocky29221:03, June 15, 2016Brocky292
Akela KaliliEvilhariboMadness17:16, May 24, 2016EvilhariboMadness
Luka HimmlerTheWondefulMaskedMadame17:04, March 19, 2016TheWondefulMaskedMadame
Brooklyn RileyTimeLord1510:28, January 25, 2016Eternal Sterek
Lee SeungriBroken fire12:08, January 16, 2016Broken fire
Maia AshmanRiri2506:55, January 6, 2016Riri25
Celandia BreenOmnia Lesvos15:36, January 5, 2016Arteminx
Raeyn EsparzaOmnia Lesvos15:36, January 5, 2016Arteminx
Victoria LiskyJustin211107:53, December 14, 2015Eternal Sterek
Cesar MatiasBrocky29201:21, October 9, 2015Brocky292
Alexander ReedBrocky29208:29, June 21, 2015Brocky292
Chase Hartman~The Musician~14:51, May 29, 2015BelladonnaTook
Jonas QueenBrocky29223:50, May 6, 2015BelladonnaTook
Seijun SuzukiTheMysterious2617:01, May 6, 2015BelladonnaTook
KileyTheOneUpper19:43, May 4, 2015BelladonnaTook
Lacy TeganBrocky29218:46, June 27, 2014Brocky292
Archived Characters
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Hilary MartinArteminx08:28, April 7, 2017Eternal Sterek
Adeline SchultenDanChan12321:58, November 28, 2016Nat25
Samira SummersNickiWilliams13:20, September 25, 2016Eternal Sterek
Drea AuryonLumosknight10:46, June 28, 2016Eternal Sterek
Trip MasonMr.Hufflepuff12:45, June 21, 2016Eternal Sterek

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