Chat Complaints Forum

What this Forum is For

What this Forum is For
To edit this template, go here. Continue on below to register your complaint.

This forum is to register complaints about things that happen in chat when no one else is around to help out. We no longer have a chat admin and there are numerous instances when no chat mod is around. If there are issues that need to be dealt with, you can register them here.

Please be polite about the issue. If you feel it is something that you would rather talk about in private, you can message Demi's or any other admin team member's talk page and arrange a time that you can speak to them in a private message on chat.

How to Register a Complaint

This is the information you need when registering an issue/complaint with something that happened in Chat:

  1. A description of the event
  2. Users involved in the event
  3. Time/Date the event took place
  4. Chat log, if possible
  5. At least three witnesses
Chat Mods

Chat Mods
These are users who are only Chat Mods, so they only have rights in chat, not to do other things like approving claims

  1. Justiee.
  2. TheOrbitingStars

Admin Team
These are users who are a member of the Admin Team that also includes having Chat Mod rights

  1. Bird of Winter
  2. Brocky292
  3. Broken fire
  4. Corey Chambers
  5. DaMigster
  6. Demi-hunter13
  7. EvilhariboMadness
  8. Hydrocarbon1997
  9. Kevin Mo
  10. LeGruff
  11. LyreOfOrpheHyus
  12. Royaldoggie
  13. Waves Of Wisdom
  14. Windsword7
  15. Wonder

If you have any questions about how this template works, please see Demi, Thanks!

Registering an Issue

Type the name you want to give the page into the box and click "Submit Issue" to start your claiming process.
Open Chat Issues

These are issues/complaints that are still being addressed.
Issue Author Last Edited On Last Edited By

Closed Chat Issues
These are issues that have been dealt with. To close an issue, change the category from "Open Chat Issues" to "Closed Chat Issues".
Issue Author Last Edited On Last Edited By

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