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Name: Lucas Alastor

Gender: Male

God Parent: Melinoe (1), Nyx (2), Harmoina (3). 

Mortal Parent: Grayson Alastor

Appearance: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Personality: Lucas is very charming man, with a great sense of humor , and high intrest in others. He is highly intelligent, curious and creative. People are attracted to Lucas partly because they trust him, but mostly because they think some of his energy is going to rub off on them. Lucas knows exactly what to do and what to say in every social situation, no matter how awkward or strange. He has lots of self-confidence.He has that extra "spark" in his personality that sets him apart from other people. He also is very friendly and loyal to people who he trust and he likes.

History: Grayson Alastor was night fishing at a dock in Portland, Maine as he usually did every Sunday. The light from the moon reflected of the lakes surface. He through his line and it landed softly in the water causing a ripple effect. Then he heard a voice behind him. It was silky and smooth with a bit of coldness to it. He turned to look behind him to see what this beautiful voice was coming from to see something stunning... She had scarlet black hair that flowed over her shoulders and pale chalky skin but it was not ill looking skin. She wore a long flowing gown that was to her ankles and her eyes....they were black balls. "You know that fake bait isn't going to work, you need a worm" She said. He laughed and said "Well thanks for the advice". They talked for about and hour until the women she had to go but before she left he asked her out and the Goddess said yes. They dated for about a month when (Melinoe/Nyx/Harmonia) found out she was pregnant. Grayson was elated about the pregnancy. Months later the goddess went into labor and during this time she told Grayson about all the Greek gods and goddess and about a camp for demi-god children. She did this because the women wanted her son to be safe and ready when that time came for her to leave. After the baby was born the goddess left leaving Grayson with a baby boy.

At age 5 he sent the child to school where he quickly made lots of friend which was due to Locus's funny and charming personality. He was often over friends houses and invited to lots of events. He and his father were very close often doing many things together, such as going to the movies, going for ice cream, ect. At age 9 he was swooned over by all the girls in his class. He was very popular and the teachers loved him for his intelligence and creativity. At age 10 he was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia and this was a big surprise to Grayson sense he had never even gotten the idea that his son was over-active and dyslexic. This was a big change but Grayson loved his son and this new discovery would'nt put a damper on Lucas's school career and their Father-son relationship.

At age 13, he joined the nature club so he could get some extra-curricular . This is where he met Michael. Michael was the quiet, nerd kid that no one new existed and he also had to have crutches since he was born with some kind of leg deficiency. They continued to get friendlier with each other to the point where they became best friends. They did lots of things together and because this feeling deveolved. Lucas found out he was gay.Thought he did nothing about this.

At age 14 one day while on a nature hike Lucas and Michael were heading down from a trail when they saw a dog. Lucas approached the dog and said "Where's your owner buddy?" Suddenly, then its eyes turned a dark crimson and a freighting growl came from its mouth. "Hel--Hellhound." Michael said then it pounced at Lucas, he screamed trying to shake of the beast then the creature suddenly turned to golden ash. There behind the ash pile stood Michael holding a bronze sword. He Then Put the sword back in his Backpack, How did he fit it in there? As if reading my mind he said "It's A Charm if you’re wondering". I did not say anything because I was in total shock. He dragged me all the way to my house, as he was looking around when he saw his legs... they was goat legs. When we got to our destination, it was my house. He let him go and he burst through the door, Michael told Grayson what happened and Grayson explained everything to Lucas all the things that (Melinoe/Nyx/Harmonia) told him. Michael asked if he could take him to camp. Grayson was sad and would miss his son but this was for best. He took Lucas to camp where he learned more about himself and his mother and was given a Cestional Bronze axe for battle.

Weapons: Cestional Bronze Axe

Hello Death,

Could you explain what these lines means? "I did not say anything because I was in total shock. He dragged me all the way to my house, as he was looking around when she saw his legs... they was goat legs." Who is the "I" here? Lucas? Also, who is "she"? Bowsig Bowenstrife- Mognet me, Kupo! 01:00, November 18, 2013 (UTC)

Err no sometimes i am thinking about my scarlet character and feel like im writing her history sense Lucas's and scarlet's monster attacks are both similar. 141667793555905    IT WAS ULTRAVIOLENCE   ONCE UPON A DREAM ♫ DEATH

Can you now explain his going to camp? As it currently stands, it's never said he actually goes there or what happens to him. Bowsig Bowenstrife- Mognet me, Kupo! 01:00, November 18, 2013 (UTC)

                                                                                                                          It does say that he got to camp and nothing happens to him or i wouldve explained it --79238we6sb5xi3h All monsters are humanDeathIsBliss - If I wanted you died you would be. 01:03, November 18, 2013 (UTC)DeathIsBliss

Just a heads up, don't add random spaces everywhere on the page. I thought your history was cut off because only two paragraphs ended up showing in the published view. Also, you're sig has a chunk of code, and now per policy, it needs to be in some sort of template so that it doesn't clog pages. Other than that, it's a good claim, just fix the age of the monster attack. It's 2 years too late

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