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Unprocessed CoO Claims

These are claims that are on hold, WIPs or have yet to be edited by a member of the Claim Workers.
Claim Claim Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By
Champions of Othrys/Briseis BelacquaJl112182417:18, September 29, 2018Jl1121824
Champions of Othrys/Melana RedfieldHannahgrace.0500:24, September 19, 2018Hannahgrace.05

Unapproved Claims
These are claims that are being actively worked on and checked by the claim workers to work towards being approved. Any claim that goes over 7 days with no edit by the claim owner (7 days since a claim worker last checked it) it can be subject for deletion due to inactivity.
Claim Claim Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By

CoO Claims that are Approved
Claim Claim Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By
Champions of Othrys/Pyrrhos Theristí̱s (Πύρρου θεριστής)NoctemV17:28, November 20, 2018The Highlands Lady
Champions of Othrys/Leonard NobleAlterdevil04:39, September 6, 2018The Highlands Lady
Champions of Othrys/Kara JensenSophia McLaren-Cobb03:28, December 3, 2017Aeterna Superi
Champions of Othrys/Hope JeffersonDirael02:11, December 2, 2017EvilhariboMadness
Champions of Othrys/Jezebella MatthiasQueen of Anarchy16:03, November 28, 2017HaleTheKing
Champions of Othrys/Valentina di AmbrosiaJayeMalik'23:06, November 24, 2017Aeterna Superi
Champions of Othrys/Donovan KingstonJayeMalik'16:13, November 24, 2017HaleTheKing
Champions of Othrys/Kiala MonalaYukaronachan22:00, November 17, 2017KevyBot
Champions of Othrys/Drew YvesAlterdevil21:59, November 17, 2017KevyBot
Champions of Othrys/Kiran EllisAeterna Superi04:51, November 15, 2017Brocky292
Champions of Othrys/Harmony SpallUniPacific1623:37, July 2, 2017Brocky292
Champions of Othrys/Iya LysenkoIllepidus Opium12:25, January 21, 2017~The Musician~
Champions of Othrys/Abaddon EstelleShadowOfOblivion711920:33, January 14, 2017EvilhariboMadness
Champions of Othrys/Merinus SolYukaronachan15:43, January 9, 2017Zany Knave
Champions of Othrys/Rory MaximillianNata Roebot08:46, October 1, 2016Meloney
Champions of Othrys/Stefan HerschelLyreOfOrpheHyus13:31, June 2, 2016EvilhariboMadness
Champions of Othrys/Annika "Nikki" Zelmerlöw-MeyerDYSUTOPIA20:03, May 15, 2016EvilhariboMadness
Champions of Othrys/Jacob ParkerUniPacific1622:33, March 25, 2016KevyBot
Champions of Othrys/FenRiri2504:56, February 7, 2016Meloney
Champions of Othrys/Klaus KyuJustChase04:02, January 24, 2016KevyBot
Champions of Othrys/Simon KimZany Knave05:00, January 17, 2016Meloney