• Character: Uriel Fitzgerald
  • Title: Father Is Coming
  • Poem:

Father is coming, the king is arriving,

Taking off, taking flight.

Father himself is not in sight,

Only his white-beaded kite,

Soaring through night, until Hemera shines bright.

Father is coming, the patriarch is humming,

With a freezing cough, freezing bite.

Father himself is the freight,

On the promenade he is the shining knight,

Harbinger of a sheer cold blight.

Father is coming, the sire is blowing,

An endless gale, at a towering height.

Father himself is for someone to fright.

At his minions' very sight,

You will surely get into a heatless fight.

Father has come, the forebearer is descending,

From a frigid chariot, the is chill smiting,

The heat itself by the white frosting.

The blanket of frost will be coming,

And its end is yet to be stopping.

Boreas, Boreas, father dear,

It is now very clear.

As I wear my scarf of cashmere,

The cold forefront will be on its premiere,

With you driving its reindeer.

  • Notes: Long story short, Uriel is a child of Boreas. Being a child of the said god, he has taken a liking for winter and through this poem, he described how his father, Boreas, the god of winter and the north wind, brought the cold winds of winter and his near arrival.

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