Damianos Stravos' Quarters


Damianos' quarters lies in a secluded area of the Dungeon in the depths of the Prime Pillar. Although not accessible from the Dungeon, a staircase leads downwards from the Prime Pillar to a hallway formed by clockwork gears in the side, ever revolving on its axle.

The gathering

The hallway leads to a door rather large room with obsidian black marble floor. Those without permission are not able to enter through the doors. With the interior of his room, just like the hallway that leads to his room, the walls are as well created from clockwork gears. The floor at the center of the room is transparent revealing a clock surrounded by clockwork gears.


The wall that faces the main area of the Prime Pillar Dungeon has a circle that cuts through the clock gears. The circle is replaced by a one-sided glass that provides him with sight of the Dungeon, while those in the dungeon are unable to see into his room.

Dungeon 1

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