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This forum is for any announcements that need to be made to the entire wiki. This shouldn't be used for personal announcements, only things that relate to the wiki as a whole.

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  1. Eros won the God/Goddess of the Month for January 2017. A new voting is up for February 2017, and you may place your vote here.
  2. To all Level 5's and members of the administration team, there are still several voting forums open. If you have time, please vote.
  3. The wiki has voted to approve the New Model Policy. The new policies are now in effect. Please see New Model Policy Implementation for more details. In light of this, if you have time, please check the new Model Registration and Banned Face Claims pages.
  4. Users EvilhariboMadness and Summer June tied for first place in the Character Theme Contest with a theme of "winter".
  5. Contests running for the month of February are: Character Contest (Pandia) and The Next Apprentice.
  6. Sign-ups for the Champions of Othrys Event are on-going. For more information, go to this blog or contact Oli.
  7. Per a wiki vote, all deceased models are now banned from being used.

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