Use this forum to suggest ideas that you want the admins to see. The way this will work is if an admin or a bureaucrat likes your idea, they will then suggest it at the next staff meeting at which time it will be discussed and a vote will be placed. If approved you will have a role in implementing your idea if desired. if not it will be renamed to denied and marked off the list.


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Cabin Specialties! (Yay!)22:44, January 25, 2016Shoshiki
Camp News Paper15:38, August 29, 2014KMØ

Archived Suggestions

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Omega Cabin01:38, October 25, 2015Spectermks
Character Retrieval Quests or Missions15:20, August 29, 2014KMØ
Roleplaying Idea21:03, August 21, 2014KMØ
A Job for Aeolus Cabin02:33, August 8, 2014KMØ
Revamping Monster Training20:56, March 2, 2013BachLynn23
Occupations for Cabins20:56, March 2, 2013BachLynn23
Newspaper05:05, September 1, 2012BachLynn23