Major Arcana

Basic fool sStrengthDeathThe sunTemperanceBasic hermit sBasic star sBasic chariot sBasic world sBasic emperor sBasic high priestess sBasic lovers sBasic justice sBasic moon sBasic hierophant sBasic empress sBasic tower s


Basic kwands sQueen of wandsKnight of wandsBasic pwands sBasic 10wands sBasic 8wands sSeven of wandsBasic 6wands sBasic 5wands sBasic 2wands sBasic 3wands sAce of wands


Basic kcups sKnight of cupsBasic pcups sTen of cupsBasic 9cups sBasic 8cups sTwo of wandsSix of cupsFive of cupsBasic 4cups sBasic 3cups sTwo of cupsBasic 1cups s


Queen of swordsKnight of swordsPage of swordsBasic 10swords sBasic 9swords sSeven of swordsBasic 6swords sFour of swordsBasic 3swords sBasic 2swords sBasic 1swords s


Basic qpents sBasic knpents sBasic ppents sTen of pentaclesNine of pentaclesEight of pentaclesBasic 7pents sSix of pentaclesBasic 5pents sBasic 4pents sBasic 3pents sBasic 2pents s

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