This character belongs to Zer0TheNinja


He is a very quiet and shy person who is very intimidated by everyone no matter your stature compared to him.


He was created by Aeolus to help Weiss with the snow in Canada. There was a blizzard and many people were stuck in their houses and the roads were closed. It was a very dangerous time as there was no sign of the snow stopping. As Weiss was just one girl she couldn't easily handle it all therefore the creation of Kole was almost mandatory. Weiss and Kole had trouble but eventually got the task done, and as a reward they were allowed to stay at camp. He soon fell in love with Weiss but was too shy to tell her.


  • Power 1
  • Power 2
  • Power 3


Name Relation Feelings
Weiss Friend I really like her
Aeolus Creator I don't even know him.

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