Jigglypuff Lewis Arthur Rockefeller Jigglypuff
Son of Aphrodite ~ Rivalry's Spawn
Owned by: Eternal Sterek
Basic Information
Full Name: Lewis Arthur Rockefeller
Born: 15th May 1996
Age: 20
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Demigod
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
All I know at the end of the day is you want what you want and you say what you say and you'll follow your heart even though it'll break sometimes.

The story starts with Giorgio Rockefeller. He was a demigod son of Eros, charming and well, handsome. His smile could easily make a girl fall head-over-heels at him. He went to Camp Half-Blood at age 12 where he resided at Eros' Cabin during his stays every summer.

The goddess Aphrodite seemed to have noticed him at some point and got interested. As he slowly reaches the age of 18, Aphrodite takes notice of him much more and well, she was enamoured. After reaching the age of 18, Giorgio took on a quest for his father, Eros where he encountered Psyche, his father's wife who seemed to have taken a particular liking on him. She also gets enamoured as Aphrodite has. And when Aphrodite found out about this, she confronted Psyche and they had a fight over the guy. The fight raged and Aphrodite mentioned that Psyche couldn't sleep with his husband's son and Psyche claimed that he looks just like Eros when he was young and that sparked things up for her. They continued fighting and kind of challenged each other to whom could seduce him first and voila, they both managed to sleep with Giorgio, a few days apart and something happened. They both got pregnant with Giorgio's baby.

About nine months later, Aphrodite and Psyche left the babies on baskets with notes at the same time. However, Eros who was really annoyed that his mother and his wife had an affair with his son decided to remove the notes and replace it with just one saying that the babies are twins and are his sons from one goddess whom he didn't specify which one.

Giorgio took them both in and decided to get a job to support them. He named one Lewis and the other one Brian. The children grew up rather well. He told them about their Greek heritage and taught them to fight at a young age just in case monsters sniffs his blood and endangers not only him but his children. The children experienced two monster attacks before reaching twelve as the monsters smelled their dad but their dad handled it quite well and was able to fend off the monsters.

At age 12, his dad sent them to Camp Half-Blood for more training. Since he was a demigod and used to go to Camp, he would naturally know all about it. The first summer went out well, however since they were only 12 and didn't quite show their powers yet, Psyche and Aphrodite were unsure which of them is which so they didn't claim them and the two resided at Hermes' Cabin. Zeus started putting pressure on Aphrodite and Psyche to claim them but the two still didn't know which of them was their son until the second summer when Lewis started showing his powers. Aphrodite knew he was her son and so she claimed him. Psyche was still upset with Eros that he messed up with the notes and decided not to claim her son just yet.

The next summer, Lewis wanted to go back to camp but Brian refused. He didn't want to go to camp, he hates camp. He hasn't been claimed unlike his brother and wants nothing to do with camp. Psyche figured that she's off the hook and since her son is not at camp, no one would bother her to claim him.

When they both turned 15, Giorgio took a job in Australia and decided to send neither one to Camp. They lived there for a few years until Lewis and Brian turned 17. Eros talked with Psyche and insisted that she has to claim her son but she refused because she wants to get revenge on Aphrodite first so she lured them into a trap, where she knows lots of monsters are lurking hoping that Lewis gets injured but in the process, Giorgio dies killing a handful of monsters, leaving his sons to finish off the few left.

Eros became furious by knowing this and he managed to convince Psyche to finally claim his son but since she doesn't have a cabin, Brian refused to go to camp once again. Lewis was angry with Psyche and blamed her for his father's death. He decided to go to Camp and continue his training. Brian was sick of him getting left behind, not being claimed for so long that brought him to be jealous of his brother who was claimed ages before he did. When he found out about the Broken Covenant, he immediately looked for it and decided to join.


Lewis is vain, a bit selfish and very concerned about his looks and how other people view him. He is naturally flirty and very romantic as he is a child of the goddess of love and he is also bisexual. He is attracted to both boys and girls and can easily get distracted when he's talking with a person he deems atrractive. He is also very focused and pays attention to what he thinks is important but from time to time he just forgets about the things he has to do and kicks back and simply becomes playful and sometimes, a bit childish.

Model: Grant Gustin
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Height: 6'2
Weight: 185 lbs
Voice Type: Tenor
Distinguishing Marks: None

(has 3/6/9 powers)

  1. Children of Aphrodite can intoxicate people of the opposite gender with pheromones in order to get them to do their bidding; any attempt to use the person to harm anyone (including their own person) will break their control.
  2. Children of Aphrodite can bring upon a state of ecstasy to another person, making them become dazed for a short time.
  3. Children of Aphrodite can cause people of the opposite gender to lose all desire to attack them for a short time.
  4. Children of Aphrodite can create a large plume of dense perfume or make-up which obscures them and begins to suffocate anyone else within it.
  5. Children of Aphrodite cause anyone of the opposite gender to be, at least slightly, attracted to them.
  6. Children of Aphrodite have the ability to alter and control clothes and make-up.
  7. Children of Aphrodite can alter their appearance for short periods of time, the more they do to alter their appearance, and the longer they maintain the appearance, the more energy it drains.
  8. Children of Aphrodite have a minor ability to sway a person’s feelings, causing them to feel a slight amount of love for another person; the final choice to act on the love is, however, out of their control.
  9. Children of Aphrodite can infuse magic into their words and ‘charm-speak’ another into doing their will or revealing a secret to them; the person will remain under the control of the charm-speak for a few minutes or until control is relinquished, the longer the control is kept, the more energy it drains.
  10. Children of Aphrodite are able to have better control over their appearance, altering it indefinitely, with less energy drain to maintain it
I set her on fire then down came the lightning on me. Love can be frightening, for sure.
Other Information
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Taken
Love Interests: William Adler
Accent: None
Birthplace: Lima, Ohio
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English, French
Current Location: Camp Half-Blood, Long Island Sound, NY
Father: Giorgio Rockefeller
Mother: Aphrodite
Full Siblings: N/A
Half Siblings: Brian Rockefeller
Other Children of Aphrodite
Other Relatives: None
Name Meaning:
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Movie: Life As We Know It
Favourite Song: "End of the Day" by One Diretion
Favourite Food: Pan-seared filet mignon
Favourite Drink: Diet Coke
Most Important People: William Adler
Most Treasured Possessions: His dad's golden wristwatch
Custom Trivia:
If I could fly, I'd be coming right back home to you. I think I might give up everything, just ask me to. Pay attention, I hope that you listen cause I let my guard down, right now I'm completely defenseless. For your eyes only, I show you my heart for when you're lonely and forget who you are. I'm missing half of me when we're apart, now you know me, for your eyes only.

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