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Couples & Their Erotios/Erotiads


This is the page where all the Currently existing Erotiads of the wiki can be found. Over here you can see the Couples with Erotiads, and also those who wish to get one.
Please sign up your couples, Erotios, and Erotiads.

Active Couples

  1. Amanda Foster & Sebastian Highland Erotios: Fabien
  2. Jacob Radon & Guinevere M. Keystone Erotios & Erotiad: Conrad & Cecilia  
  3. Lee Seungri (Bradley) & Sabrina Erotios & Erotiad:Seunghyun & Seungyeon
  4. Clementine Sunday & James Spall Erotiad Brooke

Couples that Left

  1. Ambrose Saxton & Wren Erotios: Peter
  2. Blake Ashthorn & Amethyst Jewels Erotios: Cory
  3. Cynthia Jefferson & Zion Erotios: Osiris
  4. Drew Thornton & Lola Madison Erotiads: Annie & Zoey
  5. Elliot Le Fevre & Jade Jeffries Erotiad: Rayna
  6. Lyle Olvera & Maya Jenson Erotios: Nyle
  7. Mitchell Thanes and Kayden Darnell Erotiad: Friya
  8. Travis Freemen & Melyssa Flynn Erotiad: Melania
  9. Kasey Mendes and Everett Summers Erotiad: Renesmee
  10. Samael Isaac & Jassy Klores Erotios: Maxwell (User left)
  11. Kyler Dale & Cecilia Erotios: Kayden
  12. Kyle Troy & Meghan Sharp Erotiad: Wren
  13. Robin Ericsson & Anjalika Erotios & Erotiad: Oliver & Olivia
  14. Terrence Rutter & Cherry Wilson Erotios: Carwyn
  15. Walter Miner & Kai Genova Erotiad: Ashlynn
  16. Evander Reed & Erlina Erotiad: Dalila
  17. Alexander Hunt & Scarlett Hanson Erotiad: Heather
  18. Daniel Chase & Dalila Erotiad: Elysia

This is a sign up area for couples in love that either want, or are willing to offer up their couple as a base for people to make erotiads from.

This is Erotiads and Erotios who have died because the love that created them died...

  1. Maddi (Created by Deniel Nova & Lexi Mansin)
  2. Micah (Created by James Gayton & Rex Gadway)
  3. Bennett (Created byAlexander Hunt & Scarlett Hanson)

  • Theharlequin
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  1. Brocky
  2. Mel
  3. Miggy


  1. Evil
  2. June
  3. Kevin
  4. Margaery
  5. Music
  6. Omnia
  7. Yorkie


  1. Blue
  2. Clay
  3. Hyu
  4. James
  5. Nata
  6. Natalia

Chat Moderators

  1. Chase
  2. Dolt
  3. Sean

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