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The list is set up according to user name. If a user name starts with something that isn't a letter, such as names that begin with ~ (like User:~The Musician~), the user would be put in the section under which the first letter of their user name belongs to (in the example given above, the user will be placed in the Tt list). The same procedure will apply to users whose user names begin with a number. If a user changes their name, they will be moved to whatever letter their new user name starts with.

User Activity & Charts


Page Last Edit Last Editor
Users & Characters/Bb01:55, February 21, 2018Brocky292
Users & Characters/Nn09:08, February 18, 2018Summer June
Users & Characters/Tt02:22, February 15, 2018The Highland Lady
Users & Characters/Jj11:55, February 14, 2018Summer June
Users & Characters/Mm10:48, February 12, 2018Summer June
Users & Characters/Kk20:40, February 11, 2018Kaneity
Users & Characters/Ss20:25, February 11, 2018Summer June
Users & Characters/Xx - Yy - Zz18:44, February 11, 2018YorkieWolf
Users & Characters/Dd20:59, February 9, 2018YorkieWolf
Users & Characters/Oo23:27, February 8, 2018~The Musician~
Users & Characters/Uu - Vv19:52, February 8, 2018UniPacific16
Users & Characters/Gg05:03, February 3, 2018YorkieWolf
Users & Characters/Aa07:08, February 2, 2018Summer June
Users & Characters/Pp08:24, January 28, 2018Summer June
Users & Characters/Ee06:10, January 28, 2018Eternal Sterek
Users & Characters/Ll11:27, January 24, 2018Summer June
Users & Characters/Cc11:19, January 24, 2018Summer June
Users & Characters/Qq-Rr10:28, January 22, 2018Summer June
Users & Characters/Ww13:25, December 22, 2017Eternal Sterek
Users & Characters/Ii12:37, December 22, 2017Eternal Sterek
Users & Characters/Hh12:36, December 22, 2017Eternal Sterek
Users & Characters/Ff06:04, December 9, 2017YorkieWolf
Users & Characters10:00, October 26, 2015Demi-hunter13

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Various polls that take place from time to time, some regularly, some not. If you have a poll you'd like to suggest, contact an an Admin.
Favourite God/Goddess

Have an opinion on who the best Gods and Goddesses are and wish to express that opinion in a civilized and competitive manner? Then this contest is for you. Each month 5 Gods/Goddesses are chosen for users to vote on. When the vote ends at the end of the month, the God/Goddess with the most votes will become the next month's God/Goddess of the month. For example, Voting is currently underway this July to determine August's God/Goddess of the month. This contest has no minimum required User Level but also does not dole out individual prizes.

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Users come from all over the world, but for simplicity's sake, we use the time zone of Eastern Standard Time for contests, as that is the time zone that the camp would be located in.

Local time at Camp Half Blood on Long Island New York is Thursday, 22 February 1:41 pm (UTC -5)

It is currently
at Camp Half Blood.

Admin Team
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  1. Brocky
  2. Miggy


  1. Evil
  2. June
  3. Kevin
  4. Music
  5. Omnia
  6. Yorkie


  1. Audrey
  2. Blue
  3. Clay
  4. Frost
  5. Hyu
  6. James
  7. Nata
  8. Natalia
  9. Toxy

Chat Moderators

  1. Chase
  2. Sean

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