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Runner build, 5"9, Skinny frame. Slick Black hair. Black eyes that seem as if they hold all the sadness in the world. When you look him in the eye, you feel like you have to protect him. Very pale skin, as if he's never been in daylight a day in his life.


Sarcastic, and annoyingly so. Hates dealing with people that are intellectually challenged. He loves the dark, and being alone. Deep thinker, great strategist.


Mathew worked as a banker by day, but at night he, along with a group of friends were intellectual thieves. They ran missions to steal from the evil wealthy, or people who had no care for one another. They killed those who were a menace to society and give the money stolen to those who were less fortunate. This act alone was noble enough to catch Nyx’s eye into pursuing the little guild, but Mathew found solitude in worshiping the greek gods. To be specific he worshiped Hermes, and Nyx. She disguised herself as a wannabe member and joined the guild, seeking to get closer to Mathew. She quickly rose through the ranks to become the co-leader of the guild. She and Mathew spent time longer and longer together. Eventually falling for each other.

Sadly, it didn't last long two months at the most. Then Nyx disappeared only to come back several months later with a baby boy. She explained to Mathew that she was Nyx and that Neis was a demigod. She handed him two celestial bronze blades one for him the other for Neis. “Give him his and teach him any tricks that could help him survive. Induct him in your guild if you have to. Monsters will come, I suggest being ready for that day." He didn’t feel betrayed, hurt, or saddened by the fact that she couldn't live with them or that she would now disappear for good. He was elated. She was a god, not any goddess but one that he worshiped for his nightly raids. He had a child that was half god. He couldn't ask for anything more, he was grateful.

Neis was homeschooled, but he was smarter because of it. His dad learned he had ADHD early on. He was also dyslexic. However he was great at physical activities. Mathew figured that he would need to build Neis’ physicality, as well as his ability to fight with weapons. He bought regular iron greek swords of old and an expensive Celestial Bronze weapon for himself. They dueled some days from sun up to sun down. When the sun went down Neis felt more at home when dueling. He felt stronger and more sure of himself. At age 12 Neis stumbled into using his powers. As they were fighting his father was fighting unusually rough, and dirty. As night fell, he hit Neis with the hilt of the sword in the chest knocking him down. As Neis fell he imagined the darkness punching his father in the abdomen. He felt a pulling sensation in his gut, then heard something smack into his father, looking up he saw a shadow, but not of a person, a physical shadow fist the size of his leg. It had hit Mathew so hard he had bent over gasping for breath. He felt immensely drained, but didn't pass out because the darkness had empowered him.

As that year was passing Neis was attacked by strangle birds, with his father's help he killed them. The birds were threateningly following after Neis. When he realized this he ran home to where his father was waiting. Neis used his power over shadows to strangle the birds. He then fell unconscious. After this Neis became more adept at using his powers and with his sword fighting, but at the cost of more monster attacks. They happened more and more every year. He was now 14 and had finally beaten his father. When he beat his father his father gave him the celestial bronze blade from his mother to carry at all times. Life for Neis fell into a routine of training and studying of myths, but all that would change when Mathew decided Neis was ready to join the guild. The guild had expanded over the years, from simple night raids to actually being a multi use guild. They were now assassins, thieves, and spies at night. They had an extensive information network. They were hired by people in power to gather information on other people, organizations, or full countries. This is who Neis stayed with surrounded by those who believed in the myths. As Neis was taken to the guild’s head quarters in the city, they were attacked by a medium sized hellhound, about the size of a lion. However it was quickly dispatched by Mathew since he was a clear sighted mortal, and possessed a celestial bronze weapon, before Neis even had a hand in doing anything. Neis asked his dad about the hellhound nervous that more were around. He had never seen one before. His dad explained that all monsters would want to kill Neis and that he would have to learn the weakness of everyone of them if he hoped to never be caught off guard. 

When they gained entry Neis met a seasoned assassin named Han. (Han was a son of Hecate unknown to anyone in the guild) Mathew thought it would be a good idea for Han to take Neis under his wing and be his mentor. Neis did what he was asked to do by Han and they became close as Han was only slightly older than Neis. As the years went by Neis and Han came to be like brothers, and for every year a monster would attack Neis now secluded or not. Mathew never took any chances however, and always had Han near enough to Neis that he could help him kill the monster. As Neis turned 16 he was almost frequently because of Han, but he became so familiar with the limits of his power that it was second nature to him. Also at the age of 16 Neis was given many assignments as a spy. Later he was given his first assignment as an assassin. He was to kill a man who had raped several women. Neis drove to within two blocks of the man’s house, then used his powers to shroud himself in shadows as he was near the house. He picked the doors because of the man’s flimsy security. It was just beginning to get dark, the man had just fixed himself some food, when Neis poured some advanced poison into his tea still shrouded. As the man drunk Neis watched in fascination as he kneeled over dead.

When Neis turned 17 he faced his first monster without any help. It was a Lamia. It was a tough battle. The Lamia tricked Neis and would have killed him had Han not jumped in the way. Han died and Neis became so enraged that he killed the Lamia viciously. Neis went to Mathew and asked to be sent away, as he didn't want anyone else dying because of him. One of the members of the guild was sent by Nyx and was a satyr. He took Neis to Camp. Neis hasn't been at Camp for a full 24 hours yet.


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