The Mortuary

Greek Mortuary

The mortuary is located by the Ο ποταμός Στυξ graveyard.It was a gift from Hades, Thanatos and Melinoe so that people could say goodbye to their siblings before the funeral pyres. Hades and Thanatos' kids will handle the bodies and Melinoe's children will hang around and keep an eye out for ghosts.


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Head Mortician and CEO

  1. Ivan Concord

Assistant Head Mortician

  1. Reserved for Margaery


  1. Hades' Cabin
  2. Thanatos' Cabin

Ghost whisperer

  1. Melinoe's Cabin

Pyre Lighter

  1. Cassadee Black


Completed Funerals

  1. Jaylo Parks

List of the Dead


Evelyn Monroe

India Jordan

Jack de Gouges

Leo Rhodes

Milo Silas

Blake Isley

Ailred Wolfskill


Bridgit Fletcher
Daughter of Astraeus

Essence Knight
Daughter of Nyx

Isolde Tudor
Daughter of Persephone

Janet Metts
Daughter of Mnemosyne

Leah Peterson
Daughter of Hecate


GrAve YaRd in MinSter by TeK23Graves by the mortuary

Grave yard ii by demonoftheheavens-d3bgahy

Logo camp

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