Liberi Superum Main Room

When you walk through the entrance hall you enter this foyer. You see the large chandelier and are captivated by the beauty of the area. You see the next room with several doors leading to different areas and 2 large staircases leading to the second floor. 6a00d8341c630a53ef0163057a3500970d-600wi

You go up the stairs to see the area in which Vexuvius and Adelaide dwell.

Vexuvius' Room

Adelaide's Quarters

Vexuvius' Public Office

Vexuvius' Balcony

Vexuvius' Private Lounge

You walk into the next room and have the choice to enter one of the many doors.

Fountain and Garden


Mess Hall



Training Ground

~WIP still as far as adding in the public rooms~


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