Opus Superum Dorms

Opus symbol
Opus Superum (Work of the gods)

Before the path leading up to the head quarters, on the left is a building that is used for the dorms, for the members of the Opus Superum. During the cold winter months a special protection has been placed around the dorms and headquarters by a bubble creating a green house effect around the immediate areas, keeping the snow and cold outside the buildings.

Hacienda San Gabriel

Once you go up the steps and through the archway, it opens up into a courtyard, with various rooms and halls leading off of it to other areas of the dorms/building.


Off one hallway leads to the girls rooms


Off another hallway leads to the guys rooms


Up a flight of stairs and down another hallway is the common areas


Down a short flight of stairs and up another hall way leads to a Pool


Opus symbol

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